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Good Morning SCCC Family
* Allow me to do some quick housekeeping and then conclude with Christmas wishes from our home to yours.
* SCCC is looking for three new deacons this year and nominations are now officially open and will remain open until day’s end of January 4. The qualifications of nominees and the process to elect them will be in the bulletin and follows at the end of this newsletter. Any attendee of SCCC is invited to nominate an attendee of SCCC for any of these deacon positions. All roles are limited to a three year term. Because people are gone for Christmas, we are also accepting nominations by email, which may be sent to Mayra at All nomination ballots must include the name of the one nominated and the name of the person making that nomination. If you have any questions, please contact Art Koenes or myself.
* The “time” of the Fatima Backpack Distribution has been changed to 4:00 pm from the previously advertised 6:00 pm on this coming Thursday. Cooler evenings have prompted this change. Over 100 back packs were distributed on Sunday at Belen Casa de Pan. They are an appreciated gift and are well received. Thanks again for your generosity.
* Numerous prayer requests and many positive results are posted on our church website “Prayer Wall”. So grateful for all of you who use this list in praying for the needs of our church family.

Well, Christmas is only a few days away now. We typically take Wednesdays off and hope to get into Hermosillo tomorrow for one last Christmas “look about”. You may have had this experience before, but unfortunately, this will be our very first Christmas without any of our children with us. Life seems to move forward, along with its continual changes. Our whole family, grandchildren and all, did get to be together at our daughter’s wedding in October and we are so grateful for that. And we will be together with friends for Christmas. So all is good.
For others of you, that aloneness is even for real as you move through Christmas without that special person by your side. We pray that our Lord can comfort you through this time and bring something special to you, in spite of your loss.

As Jeannine and I sat here reflecting a few days ago, we were reminded that we’ve now lived over half of our married life in Mexico. No regrets, either about married life nor living in Mexico (added for those of you who like to read between the lines, lol). Mexico has been our home for just over four years, just over three of those in San Carlos. We thought we had retired, kind of – but then came the invitation to San Carlos. And here we are! Still no regrets.
As we reflected, we rejoiced, not neglecting the fact that there have been challenges, but reflecting on the wonderful opportunities the Lord has provided for us through our role at the church and in our participation in this community. We truly believe the Lord called us to be here and He has given us the desires of our hearts in so many ways. Wherever we’ve been, we’ve always felt our ministry was a community focused ministry. We believe God sent His son during this season we are celebrating, and that He sent His Son to touch this world. I am still in awe that when I was uninterested in church, God and the like, that God sent a neighbor, to represent who He was to me. He sent this neighbor to my farm, to me personally. And to know today, that because this man was willing to enter into my world, I too came to know Jesus as my Savior. So I continue to be in awe, as we serve our church family, and as we continue to see people coming to investigate the realities of Jesus and what He might be to them – many of them coming simply because you met them where they were!

We continue to be grateful for all who serve in our church and who make it such a great place, for people that make it: the welcome place that it is, the place where people can feel safe to explore Christ, the place where people can grow in their walk with God, the place where people can serve within the giftings they have, the place where friendships can be built, the place where fellowship continues, the place where you can know someone will pray for you if you have a need, the place that has liberty to develop and initiate ideas that will minister to others, the place that cares about orphanages and battered women and provides a way to connect with them and help them,  the place that cares about the incarcerated, the place that provides ministry to those who have lost a loved one, the place that provides diverse worship experiences in both English and in Spanish, the place which provides Spanish language classes so that we can communicate in a more meaningful way with those around us, the place that encourages others to use their gift of helps not only at church but at the many other caring places around us, the place where children’s ministry has become a valued ministry, the place where youth ministry is now a vital part of who we are, the place where women can experience ministry, the place where men can learn over a breakfast meal, the place where people can talk about church and Jesus over a game of cards, the place that has seen multiple answers to prayer as others have shared their needs, the place where people could raise their hands and say I want to make Jesus Lord as several did last Sunday again, the place where people could recommit themselves to a passionate walk with God, the place that has bible teachers willing to teach and worship people who are willing to play and worship, the place that is filled with committed deacons who serve (whether its finance, repair, missions, potlucks, translators, caring for needs inside and out, greeters, ushers and cookie carriers and all the helpers who make it work), a place that is positioned with elders who care and leaders who are called to serve. Please know that your many act of kindness and service are all deeply appreciated.

This is the place Jeannine and I call home and we’re so grateful for the many of you who see it that way as well. Together, we are San Carlos Community Church and God has given us the opportunity to make a difference! You gotta love it, don’t you? So from our home to yours, Jeannine and I wish each of you a wonderful Christmas season and a new year that is filled with dreams of what God would do through you and through our church. We wish you all God’s best.
Praying you have a wonderful Christmas Season!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine


Dec 25 (9am) – Christmas Day Service
Jan 01 (9am) – Worship Service
Jan 09 (3:30) – Griefshare restarts after Christmas Break
Jan 13 (6:00) – 24 Hour Prayer Vigil begins at 6:00 Pm and continues till Saturday at 6:00 PM. Would you join us by signing up to pray for one hour at our church during this time frame. There will be a guide of the things we can pray for on location.
Jan 19 (5:30) – Church Potluck/Fellowship Meal
Jan 30 (8:30 – 4:30) Fusion 2.0 Marriage Conference

Nomination of Potential Deacons – Qualifications
Serving as a Deacon at San Carlos Community Church (Dec 15, 2016)
The Leadership of SCCC is prayerfully searching for three individuals who would be willing to serve a three year term as Deacon. 12 deacons serve on the team which provides leadership for various church related ministries.
The Leadership is presently inviting the family of SCCC to nominate individuals who you believe may have the qualifications to fulfill the “Deacon” role. We do not encourage you to discuss the nomination with the one you are nominating. Nominations will be open from Dec 18, 2016 until January 4, 2017. Please place your nomination ballot, including candidate’s name, along with your own legible signature in the “Nomination Box” in the church foyer.
After nominations close, the Deacons will review the names of suggested nominees to determine their eligibility. An interview will follow with the remaining candidates to discuss their willingness to serve and their suitability for the role. If more than the required amount of candidates allow their names to stand, an election at the Annual General Meeting will determine the results.
As a member of the Deacon Team at SCCC, your example of living a life devoted to Christ will be a great influence in helping others to follow Christ. The following list encapsulates some of the expectations we have of our local deacons. Although supporting Scriptures are not listed here, it follows that these are also Biblical qualifications.

  • I am a born again Christian.                                                                              
  • I am a regular attendee at SCCC when living in San Carlos/Guaymas.
  • I financially support God’s work, both at SCCC and/or my home church.
  • I desire to live my life in a way that gives honor to the cause of Christ.
  • I am living in a loving relationship with my spouse and children.             
  • I have the support of my spouse in the fulfillment of this role.
  • I am supportive of Pastoral leadership, both publically and privately.
  • I am willing to minister to others in the area of my giftings.      
  • I will support and be active in the prayer ministry of this assembly.
  • I will pray with and encourage others in responding to God’s leadings.
  • I will always keep the best interests of the church at heart.      
  • I am able to keep confidences.                                                                        
  • I am able to disagree on issues and still be supportive.                              
  • I have a teachable spirit.                                                                   
  • I listen to the needs of others.                                                                         
  • I have a servant’s heart.                                                                    
  • I recognize the importance of leadership and I am a team player.
  • I am in agreement with SCCC’s Statement of Faith, Constitution and Bylaws.
  • I will faithfully attend and participate in the scheduled Leadership meetings.

The Leadership looks forward to working with those God calls to fill this role!
Nominations can also be made by email following the process listed in the above newsletter.

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