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March 11, 2014 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Met with some wonderful folks last night who are planning for their future. Yes, a wedding is in mix! Congratulations Marcela and Hiram!!! I trust you’ll have all kinds of fun preparing for that special day! We join you in praying for all of God’s best to be central in your lives.
* Had Dinner with Vince and Kimberly the other night, along with some friends from the church. Vince oversees a group of mostly Southern Baptist Pastors and churches in the Dallas area. What intrigued me though was our conversation about a grass roots prayer movement, a movement to pray for every home in their general living area, which is gaining huge momentum. I’m not sure I can remember accurately all the details he shared, but the sweet part is seeing families from a number of churches getting involved in “prayer” walking throughout their respective communities. Amazing stories of changed lives are already filtering in this barely 4 month old initiative.
* * Thanks to Christie Forrester for her dedicated service as a Deacon over the past number of years and a warm, warm welcome to our new team members: Di Monza, Jan Springman and Bob Gibson. I trust you will be blessed many times as you serve at SCCC.
*  What a great Sunday afternoon as we celebrated and dedicated the new orphanage, Brian and Clarissa Krahn are beginning  (just outside of Guaymas). Over the last few weeks, a number of folks from Manitoba, have been helping to get the facility ready for them and the children they will serve. We wish you God’s wonderful blessing, guidance and joy as you serve Him there. 
* Heard from Rod and Crystal this week (friends of ours here in San Carlos)- her twin sister, Christina McCleod (only 46 and with two very young children),just diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Crystal is the sister in law of Bob & Bev Mettlewsky who attend our church. Please keep her in your prayers and please keep on praying for Mary Sprague, Bill Molden, Jean Baker and Ric Einfelt as well.
* Jeannine and I and a number of David Hubly’s friends joined him in celebrating the purchase of his new home in Loma last Tuesday. David is not a part of SCCC at this time, but I had facilitated the memorial for his partner, Mary Baker back in January. What a treat to share the evening with David and friends and to then be asked to pray for God’s blessing on his new home!
* I trust you were both challenged and encouraged by the “vows” the people in Nehemiah ch. 10 made as they determined to submit themselves fully to their Lord. Submitted to His Word, separating themselves from the negative influences of the world, reclaiming the Sabbath as a day of rest, (which was truly a wonderful picture of honoring God and trusting Him to provide for them without having to work 7 days a week) and then finally committing themselves  to “never neglect the house of their God” (a challenge to give systematically and proportionately to the work of the Lord in His Temple). And of course the question left for each of us to personally examine was, “am I willing to be as fully submitted and as dangerously devoted to the Lord as the people in Nehemiah ch. 10 were? It was certainly a rewarding and fulfilling experience for them.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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