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April 29, 2014 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Some of you got to meet my (Glenn’s) Mom last Sunday who is staying with us for several weeks. She celebrated her 81st birthday with us on April 24. On her birthday, we gave her a tour of the area – cactus in the desert, to the ministry centers SCCC is connected with in Guaymas, and then the Empalme churches we work with and finally, we waded in the warm waters of Cochorit Beach. Mom and Jeannine are also going to the “Pearl Farm” this week. It was great to have her in church with us and she was so blessed by the many people who came and greeted her.
* Bible Studies – several new ones starting up shortly. Leigh Anderson will be starting up an 11 week series for the ladies in several weeks. Steve and Cindys group meet on Tue evenings. Men’s group continues at Tequila’s Thursday mornings at 8:30am. Watch the bulletin for further details.

* Beginning May 9@2pm  – “Party at the Pastors” – We’d love to have 10-12 of you (per event)  join us for some refreshments, fun and getting to know each other at our home – some of these parties are in the afternoon and some in the evening. Alternate dates are: May 23@6pm; June 13@2pm; June 27@6pm.  Sign up sheet will be at the church or simply email your response to us at It would be such a treat for us to have you join us at our home.
* Building Update – looks like the 2nd floor will be poured this week. The front patio has been poured, pillars are getting bricked and so on. It’s a treat to watch. I’ll add some pictures in the near future.
* We celebrated with the grads of Howard’s Bible School last Friday. Although the presentation was primarily in Spanish, it was easy to sense the heart of these students who have studied and interned for the last 15 weeks. A new passion and a new confidence in their hearts was obvious. What a great opportunity Howard, Susan and team have to influence the future pastors of Mexico. Hats off to you folks!

* Mayra has now been with us for four months and we are thrilled with the work she is doing. What a treat to know that her salary has been covered by someone’s generous donation until the end of August. She works with us on a part time basis, with her main focus being the children’s church. But she has also been working on the SCCC database, has overseen the Semana Santa event (and what a great job she did of that) and has had some involvement in our worship. We are looking forward to seeing her even more involved in worship this summer. Mayra and I did a review of her work here over the last few months. She looks forward to continuing her role with us. I also would value any additional feedback you would like to provide regarding her continuing role with us. Please send it directly to me at
* Please note that Mayra also continues to help at her home church in Guaymas after our service. If you can be available to give Mayra a ride to the Bus Stop in San Carlos, immediately after our service, she would be so grateful She does need to be back in Guaymas by 11am. Please connect with Mayra if you can help her out in this way.
* It seems like a party week, as on Saturday, we also joined Jesse and Jenny who were celebrating their 10th Anniversary as an orphanage, the 45th Anniversary of their marriage, the renenwal of their marriage vows and Jenny’s birthday. Mariachi’s and presentations and amazing Mexican food to say the least. And then to hear from gov’t officials from Emaplme, Guayas and state officials from Hermosillo – all promising future support for the expansion work of the orphanage. We rejoice with you and pray for all of God’s best for you and the children you serve in the coming years.
Things to pray for this week:
* Mary Sprague begins radiation in Tucson this week.
* Devon and Marisol are back in Canada raising support for their ministry.
* I am once again including an opportunity for you to participate tangibly in the completion of our new ministry center. It is so exciting to watch the ministry center taking shape the way it is and we’d really like to have the building ready to function in November when many of you will be returning. It would be such a shame to spend the whole next winter determining how to complete the details, as opposed to using the new sanctuary for new ministry opportunities and for our busiest season as well, amen???

In light of that, I have included a list of many of the items required, which to this point are not covered in our original fundraising. Maybe you haven’t had a chance to participate in the building costs to this point, or maybe you have, but you still have a desire to help in other ways, maybe you’d like to purchase one or several of the items listed in honor of a loved one or friend, or maybe you’d like to dedicate something personally. Whatever the case, would you consider helping finish our expanded ministry center with a gift which God places on your heart to give? Your participation in giving is your participation in the future ministry of San Carlos Community Church. Together we can make a difference in the area God has called us to serve.
Should you be willing to make a donation or a pledge (payable by Nov. 2014), please click reply to this email, put your name beside the item(s) you would like to donate or pledge toward and email it back to the church. Thank you in advance for your generosity and your desire to participate in this ministry.
Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

Proposed Costs to Furnish the new Ministry Center  
 Please Note: Before any purchases are made, further professional advice will be sought, best prices found and package deals made where appropriate. Click Reply to this email, place your name (in ths column) beside the item you wish to donate or pledge (Nov 2104) toward.  
Sanctuary Chairs: 150 Matching existing Chairs TBA      
  approximate cost of each chair 65.00      
  Total Cost of Chairs Required   9,750.00    
Sanctuary Ambience Curtains, Plants, and ask Lynne !! TBA      
  (Actual Cost to be determined)   3,000.00    
Spanish Translation: Simultaneous Sermon Translation TBA      
  (Actual Cost to be determined)   1,500.00    
Audio Requirements:          
Item 1 Mixer – Allen Heath ZED 428 1,800.00      
Item 2 Snake – EWI 24×8 500.00      
Item 3 Speakers – 3 Behringer B212D 900.00      
Item 4 2 x Behringer XM1800S Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphones, 3-Pack 600.00      
Item 5 2 x Sure SM58 Microphones 200.00      
Item 6 2 x Audio Technica Cardioid condenser microphones 200.00      
Item 7 Condenser Podium mic 150.00      
Item 8 Sermon Recorder 160.00      
Item 9 Cables and stands 500.00      
Item 10 2x Bose Speaker System 5,400.00      
  Total Proposed Audio Cost   10,410.00    
Video Requirements:          
Item 1 Main Projector:     Panasonic PT-DW640US 6000 lumens 4,350.00      
Item  2 Rear Projector: BenQ MX662 3500 lumens 580.00      
Item 3 Front Screen  – Draper Targa 900.00      
Item 4 Rear Screen – Draper Luma 125.00      
Item 5 Hanging brackets, wi-fi, adapters,etc 500.00      
  Total Proposed Video Cost   6,455.00    
Stage Lighting: Flood & Spot Lights, Control Panel 1,300.00      
  Total Proposed Stage Light Cost   1,300.00    
Piano Keyboard: (several Potentail Options)        
Option 1 Roland LX-15E    (Preferred model) 7,300.00      
Option 2 Roland HP 508 series (similar to LX 15E, but with smaller case & speakers) 4,300.00      
  Total Proposed Piano Cost Maximum   7,300.00    
************* Total Proposed Furnishing Costs   $39,715.00    

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