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San Carlos Community Church

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In 1993 a small group of American and Canadian Christians started gathering in the Cultural Christian Center in beautiful San Carlos, Sonora, to worship God. Because Mexican law required that religious services be held in a church building, the plan was set in motion to construct a building for the San Carlos Mexican-American Community Church. Their mission was to provide a place of worship for all people to fellowship together and learn more of His love by knowing God, not just knowing about Him. They knew that His love brings a unity far greater than any differences between individuals.

"...for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples."
(Isaiah 56:7)

...and so the journey continued.

As the church grew and organized itself, the first building was constructed and the first Sunday service was held March 20, 1994. It was then that the name was changed to San Carlos Community Church. These were significant spiritually growing times for the body of believers at SCCC.

Over the years several seasonal pastors gave their time and energy to preaching and proclaiming the gospel. In 2008, SCCC installed their first full-time, year-round pastor. In 2009, SCCC adopted the Vision: Touch San Carlos - where every man, woman and child can have the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, to believe and be saved.

Missions to the Mexican people have always held center stage at the heart of SCCC and that is still true today. SCCC's heart beats to the passion of reaching Mexico with the gospel by supporting church planting, ministry to orphans, reaching migrant workers and meeting the basic needs of people. SCCC continues to strive to expand the reach of the gospel to all people.

We invite you to join us in this ever increasing opportunity to make disciples by proclaiming Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior to all.

San Carlos Community Church is a nondenominational Christian fellowship of believers from all across North America.
1200 West Mariposa Ranch Rd. PMB# 152
Nogales, AZ USA 85621
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