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January 13, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Trust you have begun your new year, already developing those dreams and goals which the Lord has put in your heart for 2015! Without vision, people perish – so I pray you have something new in your heart which you are trusting the Lord to help you accomplish for His glory.

* The “Ediface” – For those of you who can’t be here right now, the yard is getting cleaned up, Sven (contractor) is basically finished, just waiting on final inspection, occupancy permit and then the “power” hookup with CFE. The real power will happen when Spirit empowered ministry begins in the center, but we’re going to need some of that other power as well. The finishing touches still need completion and SCCC folks are working on that. There are some new “public” pictures on my (Glenn Driedger) facebook if you’d like to take a peak.

* What an exciting time to do a “mini christening” of the new ministry center with 37 people at the Spanish classes last Friday. Classes continue this Friday (4pm) at the church. You can still join them. Thanks Steve for helping to make this happen!

* I’m thrilled. Four of you signed up this last weekend with Brandon and Bethany as they continue to help people experience and participate in the ministries which our church supports. They will leave the church at 8:45 Saturday morning to help out at Belen Casa de Pan. So grateful that we can connect in tangible ways with our local ministries. Thank you B&B for facilitating!

* Jeannine continues to update the new Digital Phone Directory. Please confirm your email and phone numbers with her this weekend at the services. You can also confirm the info you want included in the Directory by replying to this email. She would like to have the directory available by Feb. 1. So please take the time to confirm your “stuff”!!

* Future Deacons – Thank you SCCC for your participation in the nomination process of potential deacons. The names have been reviewed. Several from the leadership will proceed with interviews shortly which will allow both the candidate and the leadership to determine whether this is a good fit for the nominee. Once the interviews are complete, you will receive a list of the folks who have allowed their names to stand for an election at the AGM on Feb 26.

* Way to go, Mayra – 21 kids at Movie Night, lots of helpers and a wonderful chance to build relationships in a great setting.

* You are so welcome to participate in the Church Potluck this Thursday at 5:30. You’ll get to hear a Building update from Ronnie (Lord willing, He’s been fighting this flu as well). Bring your favorite dish, introduce a friend to our church by bringing them along and enjoy a great time of fellowship.

* Don’t forget to save the date for our Missions Convention on Feb 21-22. Its going to be an amazing time.

* Howard and team welcomed a group of new students yesterday and today they kick off the classes at the Bible School. Keep praying for this great work.

* Over 600 backpacks and baby packs have now been delivered. Pray that God will open doors for future ministry through these gifts which have been delivered through a number of different churches at numerous locations.

* Brenda tells us that the Medical Team will once again be here on January 30. There will be some opportunities for you to participate once again.

* Talked with Carol White yesterday. Many of you are aware of her 17 year old grandson, Jessie who has been battling with cancer. This last weekend, Jessie was taken to emergency with further complications. Please pray with Carol for Jessie’s healing and restoration.

* Met with Brian (and Clarissa) Krahn’s parents last week. Brian’s Grandmother (his Dad’s mother) passed away while they were visiting here. It seems like things often happen when we least hope or expect them to happen. Please pray for Brian & Clarissa and for Brian’s folks as it simply didn’t work for them to return in time for the funeral. 

* It seems that many of you have been attacked by this recent flu/cold strain. Walt Forester has been hit in a particularly hard way. Please pray for him. Christie’s great granddaughter, Ellie is also in need of our prayers. Because of her heart problems and low oxygen saturation levels, she will have a feeding tube placed in her stomach today!

* Last weekend, we moved from a series on Grace to a new Series on Lordship and we dealt with the question, Can I make Jesus Savior without making Him Lord? At the end, we were left with five questions which we can use to determine whether He is both our Savior and our Lord. I give them to you again for your personal review:

  1. Do I accept God’s complete ownership of my life?
  2. Is God first in every area of my life?
  3. Am I ready to give an account to God today concerning my management of his possessions?
  4. Am I right now doing God’s Will for my life?
  5. Have I personally settled this Lordship issue? If not now, when will I?

Each of these questions related to one of the sermon points and if you’d like to review the message, you can do so at and clicking on audio sermons. Next weekend, we want to look at why is Lordship necessary and once again, we will only be looking at the “red letter” words of Jesus.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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