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April 21, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Although the internet speed may have been lagging, we demonstrated the brand new SCCC “Prayer Wall” on Sunday. It is such a positive way to keep our transient community aware of each other’s needs and to draw us together to pray for those needs. And praise God, because several requests have already been posted and as you can see if you go the webpage, they have also been prayed for, some up to 7 times. There is a request from Walt and Christie about the upcoming surgery of their great grandchild, a note from Bob & Bev regarding a neighbor, another from Heather Hicks, one of the missionaries our church helps support, and Heather Rix, who asks for prayer as she ministers at a special weekend event in Banamachi (Rob & Wendy Penner’s Mission), Brad and Barb are looking to sell their home so they can move to SC permanently and there’s more.

        Go to our website and click on the “clasped hands” icon labelled “Prayer”. Either add your request or pray for the listed needs. After you pray for a need, please click on the “I Prayed for this” and the person who posted the request will receive an email that someone has prayed for them. Please consider using this forum to share your prayer requests with our church family. It allows not only the few who know of the need to pray, but it allows the entire church family to check it out on a regular basis and join these folks in prayer. There is no greater gift than prayer when it comes to caring for a friend.

* Check out the new San Carlos Community Church’s Facebook page for ongoing pictures of events, missionary newsletters and ministry updates.

* Please keep Justin McLean in your prayers as he will be launching the new “Junior Youth” ministry at SCCC in May. Encourage him when you see him and let him know how grateful you are for his desire to follow God in this role. 

* This Sunday is John & Eddie MacLaren’s last Sunday with us. After many years spending the winters in SC, they have now turned their home over to their daughter and will not be returning. These folks have been such a positive influence within our church family, always content and joyful and full of love for the Lord. If you get a chance, it would be a great opportunity to pass on your best wishes to them. Or email them at

* Last weekend we looked at the fears we face in life and there are many from personal issues, such as potential loss of health, friendships, marriage breakdowns, financial issues and so on. But other areas may also consume us at times from the racial tensions in Ferguson to the acts of terrorism around the world. Isaiah reminds us (41:10) the Lord is always present with those who know and love Him. WE are not alone in this journey as He promises us His strength for the journey regardless of what our story may be. Your responses over the last two weeks as we’ve talked about God’s peace and God’s presence have revealed how relevant these subjects are to our life’s journey. A number of you have taken these messages to heart and have made decisions, life changing decisions to rely on God’s peace and His presence through very specific scenarios. I am grateful for how God is directing your lives. Listen to any previous messages at, click on Audio Sermons.

* So grateful to Grant Dafoe for completing the landscaping on the lot. Any future rains will hopefully flow away from the church.

* Grant has also completed the final work of transferring the five church lots out of five personal names into one (not for profit) Civil Association. This has been an onerous task to get completed, and without exaggeration, one that has kept Grant busy all winter. The directors of this Civil Association, will always and can only be Elders and Deacons of SCCC. Therefore the vision and direction of our church will always be maintained as the Directors of the Civil Association are also the leaders of our church. Thank you Grant for a job well done. You are appreciated.

* Prayer Needs

  • Please continue to pray for Dale and Lupita. While dealing with her brother’s brain surgery, Lupita’s mother also passed away last week. Just a huge load for these folks to carry.
  • I had a short phone conversation with Jerry Lebo last week. He is so hurting with the loss of Flo. Please pray with the Lebo family for God’s peace and strengthening in their lives. 

* Jeannine and I will be leaving for Canada this coming weekend. We will be taking in a Pastor’s conference in Vancovuer and then continue with a week of holidays with my Mom in Manitoba and then a few days with our kids and grandkids in Niagara Falls. We will return to SC on May 12. The weekly blog will also be taking a break during that time.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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