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Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* I’ve got to start this Pastor’s Desk with a note of praise received from the Abbate’s regarding Linda’s sister Shirley Robson. I trust it will encourage you as it has me.
Pastor Glenn,
            “I’ve been very negligent in not writing this sooner, but the longer I’ve waited the more good news there is to talk about. 
            Linda’s sister, Shirley, has completed all of her Chemotherapy and radiation treatments and has been steadily regaining her strength and some weight. Of course, her hair is also now longer than mine. God has answered the prayers that went out through the prayer wall, and we are all so grateful for each of them. If one didn’t know better it would be easy to believe that she hasn’t been ill (except for the weight loss, but Linda is working on fattening her up). She is with us for the summer in Show Low where it’s much cooler than in the desert of Tucson or on the beaches of Rocky Point. I think that’s making her feel better too.
            We just took her on a 2,000+ mile trip to a resort in northern Nevada for a week.  The travel was easy and she enjoyed every minute.  We got back to Show Low yesterday, and she and her little sis, Linda, are having a blast together.  No doubt in my mind that He worked a miracle for her, since at one point doctors only gave her a few months to live.  Of course things could change, but now they are saying she’s probably beaten this thing and can look forward to several more years of the good life.
            We are all overjoyed and have talked considerably about the prayers from SCCC and how they have been answered, and we continue to give prayers of thanks to our Savior.  A real faith booster for sure.  At this time I have no idea when we may make it to San Carlos, so please let folks know about the blessings we have received. 
            Thank you, and please say hello to Jeannine,”
With that kind of encouragement, it makes one want to pray even more! So here’s some opportunities for you to engage in:
* Freda Toliver had surgery on her fractured shoulder last evening in Hermosillo.
* George Anderson has surgery tomorrow in Phoenix.
* Paul Hegg finally has an appointment in place (July 29) for his heart condition.
* Jerry Anderson will have surgery in Guaymas this week.
* Deirdre New’s Mother is not doing well. The complication of an ocean between a daughter and her mother makes that even more difficult.
* Notes of praise this week:
1. 15 San Carlos kids at Youth last Friday.
2. Over 30 kids left the sanctuary to attend their respective ministries on Sunday.
3. Tonight – Young Married’s Bible Study kicks off at the church!
4. Two ladies began their journey with Christ last Sunday as they gave their hearts to Him. One of those ladies was attending SCCC for just the 2nd time.
5. One young man was almost ready to do the same. He’s got a few questions to deal with first, but he is so ready. It must almost be time for some baptisms, amen?
6. I am so grateful for Ruben Bustos as I hear continual appreciation for his ability to translate our services for our Spanish speaking guests. 
7. Mountain Movers Prayer, followed by Bible Study on the “Feasts of the Old Testament” and the Men’s Breakfast continue to be supported well. Where would we be without all our volunteers and servant hearted attendees?
8. Nedra Foster is assisting Mayra in Children’s Church. What a sweet smile on her face as she observes how God is helping her to teach the English portion of the class.
9. Mayra and Nedra were taking registrations on Sunday for our VBS which begins next Monday. The team has been hard at work getting invitations out to the Ranchitos area. They could still use some volunteers to help in the program. Most of it will be done in the AC’d building. Thank the Lord for AC!
10. I’m thankful that tables with cookies and juice continue to be set up so that we can enjoy times of fellowship and ministry after service, on a biweekly basis. 

11. I’m grateful for the worship we get to enjoy, with Spanish verses added at appropriate times. I’m grateful for the committed team members, sound people and worship leaders. These guys are at the church by 7:30 on Sundays to prepare their hearts and voices for the service.
12. I’m grateful to be able to ask a guy like Howard to pray for one of the emblems in Spanish as we partook of Communion last Sunday. To honor the Spanish speakers at the communion table is such a treat. I believe there were roughly 80 people who participated in communion.
13. SCCC has been such a force in the winter months, but to see the church gain “summer” strength, is a huge encouragement. Hats off to you all as you love and serve the Lord who has given us meaningful life. Let’s keep being thankful for all the Lord is doing at SCCC!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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