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Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* YES, we are planning a baptism service on October 25th. Last Sunday, we talked about identifying with our Savior and we do that through baptism. The “last words” of Jesus, before returning to the Father, were a command “go and tell others, disciple them and then Baptize them”. So if you’ve never been baptized and you’d like to follow Jesus’ command to His followers, here’s your opportunity. Steve will teach a class on baptism in several weeks (we’ll get you the date shortly). Got questions – talk to Steve or myself and then come to the class. Folks – save the date and don’t miss the baptismal service – October 25.

* An amazing site last Sunday as 34 children left the service for Children’s church and another 13 headed down to the “Under 5’s” Church. There were parents with kids in the nursery and there are some new babies yet to come! Not only that, but there was still a number of teens left in the service! What a huge encouragement to see this diversity in our church family. I love Nedra’s comments after children’s church. “It seems that Satan’s thoughts and discouragements have just faded from my life as I serve and teach these children.” There is no greater smile than the one on Nedra’s face when she’s working with the kids in Children’s Church. Thank you, Nedra!

* A knock on our door yesterday afternoon and another wonderful surprise as Brad and Barb Powell arrived in SC. Last spring, they were the very first family to post on our “Prayer Wall” asking the Lord for direction and favor in selling their home on Vancouver Island so they could make a permanent move to SC. Well, now they’re here – Welcome to San Carlos!

*  We are looking for some volunteers to help reduce the load for Lynne. She has served beyond the call of duty and we’d like to help her share the load. We have several different options for you – do you have a love for purchasing supplies,setting up cookie Sundays, making sure the under 5 children’s church class is set every Sunday and a few other options. If any of these capture your heart, please connect with me for further info.

* Plans for the “Burn Camp” with Greg and Shelly Neufeld, are coming together for the Oct 10th weekend. There are enough volunteers for the crafts but we are still in need of some kayaks for Saturday (10th) Please call Jeannine at 622-105-8145 if you can provide the kayaks. These children have suffered greatly in an Orphanage fire back in 2009 and Shelly’s desire is to give them a special weekend of fun and encouragement.

* Remember to follow the “prayer wall” on our church website. There are several new requests posted and with our transient group, this is a great way to support those from our church family who face various challenges. Christie Forester, Carol While, CeCe, John New, Janice Crowell and others all have recent posts. Please feel free to post your requests so that others can join you in prayer!

* Pat Nichol is in a Tucson rehab, but will be moving back to Florida tomorrow to live with her granddaughter. Her recent stroke has made life too difficult to return to San Carlos. You can contact her until she leaves at: Devon Gables, 6150 E. Grant Road in Tucson or by phone 520-296-6181.

* Katie Kirk is also returning to the USA to live with her granddaughter. Everything going as planned, she leaves today. Pray for her as she has been struggling with different health issues. We will try and get you addresses/numbers to connect with both Katie and Pat in the near future.

* For those of you who may not have been aware, Wally Love passed away during the first week in September. Wally has served the Lord faithfully for a number of years, while also filling the pulpit at Chapel by the Sea. Pray for his wife Sylvia as she mourns his loss.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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