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Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* You folks amaze me as I continue to meet new folks who you are bringing to church. I keep seeing new faces – Sunday, we ran out of the Simultaneous translation devices again! Couples, where one speaks English, while the other doesn’t, but we are able to help them hear the message in their own language because of these devices. Praise God for our translator, Ruben, who just faithfully steps up to the plate to help us.

* Sunday, I met Gabriel and Valerie, a vibrant young family from North Guaymas. (He’s bilingual, but she is not.) They were introduced to SCCC by two newer couples attending our church. Initially, they facilitated getting Gabriel a new job, then they went to visit them in N. Guaymas, prayed and wept together with the family, and encouraged them to come to SCCC to worship on Sunday. You want to talk about a grateful man as he expressed his appreciation to the Lord and to these families after the service. My heart just skips a beat when I see you people with such a passion to help practically, but my heart does a double take when I see your passion to introduce them to Jesus and a place to worship.

* Baptism – Yes, best day of the year for any pastor, happens this Sunday. You don’t want to miss it. The baptism tank should arrive today and we’ll be able to celebrate God’s goodness though the obedience of those who are getting baptized. At Jesus’ baptism, Mark writes that the windows of heaven opened and God, Himself, declared, “this is my son, whom I love and in Him, I am well pleased.” I pray that each of those getting baptized will have a similar sense God’s pleasure during this precious experience.

* All of this followed by Cookies and Juice because its also “Cookie Sunday”! Bring “dem” and then, eat “dem” cookies after the service while you congratulate those who got baptized.

* First Potluck of the season on Thursday, 5:30pm at the church. Bring a dish and let’s enjoy connecting and reconnecting with the folks in SCCC. Snowbirds are coming home.

* Spanish Classes resume Friday from 3-4:30 at the church. Email Jennifer Hudson ( if you need more information.

* Kathy Stokes – Please be praying for Kathy who recently broke her wrist. So difficult to play “hoof and mouth” with this handicap! The other three ladies at the “card table” are praying for a very speedy recovery for her. Let’s help them out. Thanks to all who brought meals and blessed these folks.

* Guaymas (Fatima) Flooding Update – Such a positive response on your part. Thank you on behalf of Pastor Rafael and the Fatima Folks.

* Thanks from Greg and Shelli – “A huge shout out to everyone who helped make our weekend extra special for the kids from the burn camp.  It was amazing, God did more than we could have imagined.” Check out our blog at for a few pictures and highlights.

* Got an email from Dan & Linda Abbate, who return this week from the Mission Trip to Guatemala. Dan writes, God is good all the time.  Worked hard in Coban to provide various kinds of aid to the Mayans and Guatemalans in very poor, isolated villages.  Planting gardens, hospital updating, sanding and painting rusty, metal hospital beds, dealing with malnutrition and other medical issues, building and installing cooking stoves in homes, entertaining young children with toys, games and candy, Mark (Mulligan) performing in Spanish at a children’s home, frequent praying and much, much more.  Our prayers and yours were answered, and our hearts were as filled as our days.

            We all went with the idea in mind that we were taking His grace and blessings to the natives there, and we did.  However, truth be told, every member of the mission team received an equal amount of both grace and blessings. Without exception, we all shed tears of joy as we saw the smiles, looks of appreciation and love on the faces of those we helped.”  (Dan Abbate)

* Jeannine and I experienced a very pleasant surprise on Sunday when the service was over, but it really wasn’t over. Thank you for your many expressions of kindness in honor of Pastors appreciation month. Love the cards, appreciate the gifts and value your words of encouragement. Thanks to Christie Forester and Bob Buell for spearheading this special time for us and thanks for your kind words. Thanks to all for your ongoing prayers.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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