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Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* There may well be global warming, even though I’m not convinced of all the claims which are being made. But one thing I am sure of is the length of the 365 day year is surely decreasing or at least it sure feels that way. Every year just speeds by at an ever increasing rate. I remember my Uncle Pete telling me this nonsense when I was a “logical” teen, and me thinking perhaps he had missed doing his exercises for a day and was simply feeling a little older on that particular occasion. But I have come to believe the wise tale he told me. The days, weeks, months continue to role by at an alarming rate. Maybe that’s why I still think I’m young while my body occasionally tells me other “wise” tales. Who knows?  

Last Sunday we completed our second year at SCCC. In many ways, it feels like we just got here (not every day, but most of the time, lol). But its still an exciting day in SC. We are already being greeted by a few returning friends from the North and the house was almost full, once again. If you’re not back yet, you may want to email and reserve a chair for when you get back! Just sayin’. 

* Thanks to our “sound and lights” team, you can now view the Baptism service of Oct 25 at this video link – . So grateful for these guys who keep all the technical needs functioning. But so fun to watch these 5 young men share and be baptized. Click on the link and enjoy it again if you like.

* Would you say Jenny Navarro is a little excited? Thanks Jenny for sharing your “God story” with us on Sunday. If you haven’t heard, teachers from a school in Mexico City were recently teaching a “success” business class in Hermosillo. Part of being a successful business included becoming givers. The long and the short of the story was that approx. 100,000 pesos was raised for the purpose of blessing a non profit. Jenny and King’s Kids became the beneficiaries of fridges, stoves, ac’s, dressers, cleaning supplies, etc, etc. At a time of desperate need, God spoke into the lives of these business people and used them to bless the “King’s Kids” Ministry. Thanks so much for sharing with us Jenny. We rejoice with you.

* You will continue to hear from one of our missionaries every Sunday until Christmas as one of them will share a 3-5 minute update in each service. As we move into the new year, you will get to hear a similar length update from each of our ministry leaders. There is way too much good stuff going on at SCCC for us not to take a few moments to at least give you a glimpse of God at work in San Carlos.

* Many of you remember Dean and Fran Swift who previously spent the winters with us. They were hoping to return as far as Arizona this year, but got to Branson, only to find that Fran had an infection at her catheter site. Fran is on dialysis, so this is a real concern. Please pray for these folks.

* The Prayer Wall on our church website has several new posts this week. So grateful for the recovery Alex and Annie’s granddaughter has experienced. You will find the details on the Prayer Wall.

* I had a wonderful experience teaching several sessions for the Missions class from Miller Bible School this last week. I got to teach the section on the “value of missions for the sending Church”. These students are here, not only learning the theology of missions, but to learn it in a very practical way right on the mission field. They have had numerous experiences from witnessing at the markets in Guaymas to helping at some of our Missions Partner’s locations. What an innovative partnership between Centro Educativo Cristiano and the Bible School from British Columbia.

* Jeannine and I continue to be the beneficiaries of many positive notes and gifts related to Pastor’s Appreciation month. Thanks once again!

* Fear seems to be one of those realities we all face at different times. Your response to this sermon series reveals how timely this teaching has been. This Sunday, we will look at the life of Peter and how “perfect love” dealt with the fears he faced. If a world where “love” is so fickle, Christ reveals a perfect love which casts out all fear. Join us, invite a friend and let’s explore further how our Lord can help us in this very real life struggle. Let’s learn to live with less fear! According to Jesus, it is entirely possible.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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