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Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Ok, this is going to be deep! Hope you’re ready. Did you know that stressed is desserts spelled backwards? (Go ahead, take a moment to check it out.) It makes total sense then why “some” people go to the refrigerator when they are feeling the stress? See there’s this deep psychological connection between these two words. Warned you this was going to be deep. Feeling Stressed? Just remember why you’re heading to the fridge – Desserts, an easy fix!
* The Ladies Luncheon is happening today. It’s a sell out once again with lots of guests on the list. Pray for Wendy as she shares her story, pray for the guests, table hosts and all those serving. It’s a great opportunity to make an impact on many folks from within the church and from the community.
* Friday was an amazing day with 34 people on the Missions Tour. We heard a great presentation at each location. But not only did we hear their story, we caught a bit of their hearts as they shared with us. While we love to receive their newsletter, to be at their physical locations was even more meaningful. So many positive comments from those who went. Thank you to all who participated and made the day so special. It was one of the best no doubt.
* Brenda and a team of volunteers filled the backpacks yesterday morning. Lots of volunteers and supplies resulted in filling 400 backpacks! These will be presented to needy children through other local churches & ministries in Sonora. 
* The “gift stars” are gone from the tree – praise the Lord for your kindness and generosity. It will be such a treat to bless our friends – the kids from our local orphanages. Please bring the gifts to the church by Sunday, Dec. 20.
* Mark your calendars for the Church Potluck on Thursday, Dec. 17 (5:30 pm)
* Grant D and Brenda K still have some tickets for the local Baptist church (next door) fund raising dinner. Dec 18 @ 6:00pm. Cost is 150 pesos/person.
* We will have a Christmas Day service once again this year – 9:00am is the time. Maris is putting together a team to lead us in all of our favorite Christmas hymns. Its just a great time to bring friends and family to this special day of celebration!
* Our next 24 hour Prayer Vigil is coming January 15-16 beginning at 5:00pm. More information to follow, but would you consider taking one hour to pray for SCCC and its related ministries during this Empowerment Weekend! We need God’s favor to continue on our church and we’re asking you to consider, over and above what you usually do, to join us for one hour, in dedicating ourselves to calling on our God for His guidance, direction and blessing in the coming year.

* For those of you looking for phone numbers and email address of church attendees, you can download this list by clicking on this link – . If your email or phone number(s) are out of date, please click reply on this email and send us the new information and it will be updated for the coming year.
* Ever have a conversation with someone at the church and you didn’t have a clue who they were? And not only that, they were such nice people. You can only bluff it for so long. The solution – help others cheat and know your names by being included in the church photo directory. The church photo directory can be found in the drop down menu under “contact us”. If your “Mug shot” is missing, we have a camera at the church and would love to include your Photo. Talk to Jeannine and she’ll help you out. (Because the directory is public, we only post pictures and names on the website. Your Phone # & email address remains private and can only be downloaded at the above link.)
* Last Sunday, we began a short series on dealing with doubt! We looked at John 6 and the challenge the disciples faced when the people began walking away from Jesus. Jesus words to Peter, “are you also going to leave?” Our choices are similar. We can walk away, shake our fists, run from God, but the reality is that walking, running and shaking doesn’t change a thing. It offers no answers to our questions. The other option is to stay with God, as Peter did. He didn’t receive all the answers / solutions to his doubts, but He saw that Jesus would give him everything he needed to move forward. And further to that, Peter recognized that Jesus was the only one who had the words of eternal life. Next week, we’ll look at John the Baptist and how he coped with the doubts he faced during a critical period in his life. If you missed it, you can listen to the message on our church website

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine
* I’ve added another bonus article today with thoughts for you to consider about why Christians don’t evangelize. Check it out and see if the author is on to something.  

Nine Reasons Christians Don’t Evangelize         By Chuck Lawless

 I’ve been a professor of evangelism for almost twenty years. Over the years, I’ve continually considered and asked why most believers never do evangelism. Here are nine of the reasons I’ve discovered, given in no particular order.
1.         Many don’t know what “evangelism” is. When doing church consulting, I ask believers to rate the evangelism in their church. It’s not uncommon for me to hear answers like, “We send a lot of people on mission trips” or “we minister to the homeless downtown.” Both of these ministries are significant (and would likely contribute to evangelism), but they’re not evangelism unless the gospel message is proclaimed.
2.         We have few evangelistic role models. Two men in my life modeled evangelism for me. In both cases, seldom was I with either man without his sharing the gospel with somebody. When I ask my students today about their models, though, many have none.
3.         Some church members aren’t convinced about lostness. I encourage you to consider doing an anonymous theological survey of your church. I will not be surprised if you find folks who believe that good people might go to heaven apart from a relationship with Christ. Folks who believe that way see no need to do evangelism.
4.         Some churches have provided no evangelism training. I am still surprised by the number of churches that have no intentional, strategic plan to help Christ followers do evangelism. Ideally, of course, believers will naturally talk about Jesus, but even passionate people sometimes need direction and equipping.
5.         Fear of the unknown halts our efforts. You’ve probably heard fears expressed. “He might not listen to me.” “What if doing this costs me my friend?” “She might ask me questions I can’t answer . . . .” “They might reject what I say.” Most of these fears, I believe, are more perceived than real in North American culture, but perception matters.
6.         We’ve “gotten over” our salvation. In some ways, this issue is the focus of my book, Nobodies for Jesus. When Jesus becomes routine to us – that is, our passion for Him has settled into mediocrity – we won’t readily tell others about Him.
7.         Pastors aren’t taking the lead in evangelism. I cannot recall ever seeing a strongly evangelistic church led by a non-evangelistic pastor. The pastor who evangelizes regularly will speak more of his evangelistic experiences, challenge his church with more passion to evangelize, and assure his church provides evangelistic training.
8.         We don’t really know many lost people anyway. Many church members are so cocooned in the church world that they couldn’t list several names of non-believers they know well. If our whole world revolves around hanging out with Christians, we’re not likely to do evangelism.
9.         We don’t care about non-believers. I don’t think we can avoid this possibility. If we truly believe that people need a personal relationship with Jesus, but we still keep that message to ourselves, how can we conclude otherwise? 

What reasons would you add? Send your feedback to: 

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