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Good Morning SCCC Family,

* a BRAND NEW DECADE! – not for everyone, but it is for me – 60! Kind of exciting. Several in church on Sunday, said that their 60’s were a great time! Thank you. What a great day on Sunday though with an “Estella” cake to celebrate the day! Celebrated some earlier birthday meals with friends who were headed North last week. Another group of friends sang “Happy Birthday” Sunday evening. So its been pretty special. I know Jeannine has claimed the day with her husband. I had this dream last night that she blindfolded me and drove me, listen to this, because I was stunned by it, it had to be the hand of the Lord guiding her, yes drove me to the Harley Davidson shop in Hermosillo and introduced me to a brand new “HD dresser” that she had bought and wrapped for me, but then I woke up. I know – “give it up preacher.” Thank you to all of you for the many good wishes. I look as forward to this decade as I have to all the others, knowing that my Lord always has good plans for all His people!
* Prayer Updates: As a number of you are starting to head back North, please remember to use the church website prayer wall, to either post or to pray for a request that’s listed.
       * Keep praying for Maris and for Carlos. They are both recovering in Tucson.

* Mayra has some great plans for a “Saturday Semana Santa” event. There is a sign up sheet at the church with numerous ways you can help our church reach out to the families of our community.

* The following are some updated links to keep you personally informed!

 * Some of you were asking for Chuck’s Power Point from his Passover teaching:
      * Click on this link:

* Easter Week Services:
            Good Friday – 10am at the church
            Saturday – 9am – Semana Santa at the church
            Easter Sunday – 9am at the church
* Sadly, but understandably, we are starting to see some of the folks head North. I know several families leaving today. I would never pray that you have snow when you get there, but I trust the Lord knows how to keep you here a little longer next year! Have a safe trip home. We always miss you, but we look forward to your return this fall. God’s best to you this summer.
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

A Bonus Thought for you to Consider – from Thom Rainer

The Ten Commandments of Church Parking Lots

My story is many years old, but its impact still lives with me today. On a Sunday morning, I was walking outside the worship center and greeting people as they came into the church where I was serving as pastor. I saw a car moving slowly in the parking lot. The driver obviously could not find a place to park.

I walked toward the car. The driver rolled down his window and called to me by name: “Hey, Thom, where do you park around here?”

The man was a coach in the baseball league where I coached with one of my sons. I didn’t really know much about him, but I was glad to see him at church. I led him to one of the few available parking spots. He thanked me: “Thanks, Thom, I was about to give up and go home.”
A few months later, the man, his wife, and two of his older children responded to the gospel and became followers of Christ.

It is for reasons such as this one, I am committed to the practical aspects of ministry. Certainly, the Word of God and His truths are foundational and much more important. But to neglect practical ministry is to be unwise and, perhaps, even sinful.
Over the years, I have gathered untold volumes of information about practical ministries in churches. Let me share with you some of these lessons about parking lots through “ten commandments.”

  1. You shall have at least one greeter in the parking lot. That person makes an immediate impression on guests.
  2. You shall understand the 80% rule applies to parking lots. When the parking lot is 80% full, it appears totally full to a guest.
  3. You shall calculate your attendees per car ratio. On the average, two persons come together in a car to church. But that number can vary significantly by church, and it definitely affects how many spaces a lot should have.
  4. You shall have more than adequate handicap spaces. Do not limit these spaces to code requirements; exceed the requirements.
  5. You shall have more than adequate guest parking. Make certain you have at least one more guest spot than the highest number of guest cars you have for a given worship service.
  6. You shall have parking for needy groups in the church. Those groups vary by church. One church has several places for expectant mothers. Another church has spots for the “over 80” attendees.
  7. You shall not have an ugly, poorly marked parking lot. Remember, the parking lot is the first place your guests will see when they visit your church. What kind of first impression do you want to make?
  8. You shall not require guests to park in an obscure, far place. I preached at a church where the pastor told me to park in guest parking. I was blown away when I saw it was the furthest place from the church facilities, and it was poorly marked.
  9. You shall not have reserve parking for the pastor and staff. Those parking spots communicate privilege instead of service.
  10. You shall have clear and prominent signs in the parking lot. Good signage makes a good first impression. Bad signage does the opposite.

Are parking lots the most important facet of our ministries? Absolutely not. Not even close. But they can be used of God toward making an eternal difference.

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