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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Another refreshing walk this morning, and may I add, no black lab for about 2 weeks now. A good friend gave me a box of biscuits to befriend this deceptive acting canine, but I never got to give him one. Oh well, you snooze, you lose! On another note, reports of snow in Colorado, Calgary and Niagara Falls this week were included in emails and texts I received. So if you have a home in SC and another home in a “snow laden” city, um, um, why are you where you are?
* A highlight from Justin and the SCCC Youth – “Sunday night I got a message from a kid in our group that I hadn’t seen in about two months. I’ve learned that when these guys contact you out of the blue, it’s a God thing. I asked him to meet me Tuesday for lunch. To make it short, this particular kid is at a real crossroads in his life. He’s had a very rough time the past couple years and has strayed from what he knows is right. Through his time coming to the youth group we built a solid relationship and he in turn felt comfortable enough to contact me in a time of desperate need of direction and council in his life. We both left Tuesday with a great sense of Gods direction and clarity. I can say without a doubt that God changed his life that day.” Thank the Lord that Justin took the time to respond, to care and to speak with this person.
* Its wedding season. Abdiel Acim and Patty Wiebe will be tying the knot on June 25. Abdiel has recently completed his “teacher” training and presently volunteers at Maggies and at Devon & Marisol’s. Patty is a full time volunteer working with the children at Maggie’s place. These kids have an incredible heart for serving the Lord and Its been a real treat to hear about their dreams for the future as we go through some pre marital prep. We meet again tonight. Next Tuesday I get to preside at the wedding of another young couple who work at one of the local mikilas (factories).
* Mayra is making great progress in preparing for our July VBS. Several couples from the church have volunteered to oversee the kitchen and food preparation. Several others have volunteered to work with the crafts, etc. If you can help, even several hours a day, Mayra could sure use your participation. We are anticipating an opportunity to influence 100+ children.  
     Mayra recently visited with the families of several of the children who attended the Children’s Day event. One of the families recently moved to SC to begin a new job. Their son had attended the Children’s Day event and after Mayra’s visit, this family continues to bring their child to Children’s Church. Once again, we see the ongoing impact of relationships.
      I will never forget the quote which still holds so true today, “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!” Over and over, we see that as we care about people, as we listen to their stories, they begin to get curious about Christ, the church, and eternity!
* The “prayer wall” on our church website continues to be a viable method of caring for each other as folks face life challenges. Please continue to check out the wall and to pray for the requests listed or to post your own particular request. Recent requests from Jim & Selina, Brad & Barb, Judith and Dennis, Alex & Annie and Brandon & Bethany come from folks who covet our prayers and we can partner together as we present these to the Lord. It’s fun for me to go through the requests which have been posted over the past year and to see how many of these requests have been answered in a positive way. Thank you Lord! By the way, just got an email that said, Jeff Sprague is doing much better!

Oh, Oh, the AC guys just showed up. They said they weren’t coming until 11am and they’re here at 7:15!!!, that’s am. And yes today, we will have AC in our front room once again! Gotta finish, now!
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* Last Sunday, we looked at a very practical component of our Christian life. Paul has given a plethora of instructions to this point in the book of Philippians. We’ve had four specific directives in chapter 4 alone and now in 4:9, Paul declares: “okay guys, all these directives I’ve given you – practice them!” The beauty of this is that God doesn’t simply change us in one magical moment to be like Him. His intent of course is that our whole life would be spent in becoming more life Him. But he doesn’t just do it for us (Let Go and Let God Model) and He doesn’t expect us to do it on our own (Boot Strap Model). Rather, the beauty is that He partners with us in this change process. He gives us the will and the desire to change, the enabling power to make those changes, but He also expects our participation as we practice making those changes in our lives. Want to pray in a more powerful way, practice! Want to share your “God” story with a person who needs Christ, practice telling it beforehand! Want to fend off fear, temptation and other turmoil in your life, put the Scriptures to your memory which fend off these distractions! A simple suggestion – put one of these meaningful passages to memory. But above all, understand God doesn’t do all this for us, He also doesn’t ask us to do these things in and of our own strength, He works in full partnership with us as He refashions us into His own image! What an amazing God!
            Next Sunday – Learning the secret of contentment – Phil 4:10-12!
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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