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Good Morning SCCC Family
* “Christmas” events are beginning! Last evening’s concert in Guaymas, with the “Azteca Esperanze” choir was a great place to start the season. I’m not sure of the exact number of participants, but there must have been over 50 musicians in the pit and just as many singers and they did not disappoint us! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a conductor so enjoy himself, passionately leading the old favorite Christmas hymns and dancing to the fun music as he led the musicians and choir. The evening concluded with the “Alleluia Chorus” and that was spectacular. The whole ensemble was made up of school kids who practice 3 hours a day and five days a week and the results reflected their dedication!
* Sunday was an even greater reason for celebration as we heard the testimonies of Diane Venable and Jeffrey Parker. Diane’s confidence that God was always there, even during the most challenging times in her life and Jeff’s confidence that he was among people who would support him through the changes he has made were totally inspirational. Jeff’s desire to not only please God, but to be a blessing to his grandmother (Katie Kirk) were heart rending. Their baptism followed and the church family responded with their encouragement and huge applause. Congratulations guys, you have truly blessed us and we pray for you as you continue in your journey following Christ as Lord.
* Jeannine and I went out for lunch after the service and ran into one of the couples who was visiting the church for the second time. So we had lunch together and got to hear about their journey to San Carlos. After having visited another location which disappointed them, they had returned to Green Valley to visit a friend on their way back to CO. The friend suggested they should try San Carlos, so they turned around and here they are. After renting a hotel, they ran into a property management person, who helped them find a home to rent for several months and the story just continues as they explore and continue to find places and people they enjoy. Our church is one of those places as well. If you get a chance to meet Mike & Becky, they’ve got a great story to tell and who knows, they may even settle down in San Carlos!
* Thanksgiving – since we missed Jeannine’s favorite holiday while we were in Australia (Canadian Thanksgiving), she and I both were delighted to get in on not only one, but two thanksgiving meals last Thursday! It was not a “weight loss” Thursday, I can assure you. Turkey and trimmings at 1pm at one home and another turkey and trimmings at another home at 6pm. Ahchewawa – both of them were amazing. If we could rate them on Trip Advisor, they’d both have gotten 10 out of 10. What a treat to celebrate with so many great friends. Ever wonder how Jesus’ fulfilled the Old Testament Law of “stonning for gluttony” in the New Testament?”
* Oh, by the way, today is Mayra’s Birthday. If you’d like to bless here with a special wish, you might want to know that her email address is!! I’m sure she’d be thrilled to hear how much you appreciate her, both as a person and for all that she does for our church family.
* Help – what’s going on in our garden? Only the tomatoes have been impacted, but all the leaves have been eaten off of three plants that were doing so well. Thankful for the replacement plants that Bob & Sue Marston already had growing in their garden, but our original ones are toast. I hope the critters who ate them feel good about themselves, well not really!
* Last Sunday, we took a break from our series on “the Bible”, and as I’ve shared, enjoyed the testimonies and baptism of Diane and Jeffrey. But we also took the time to share the vision we believe the Lord has laid on our hearts for our church this coming winter. (You can find an audio version of this message on our church website) After much prayer and discussion throughout the summer (via Google Hangouts), we felt encouraged and confident of our Lord’s leading. We are particularly excited about the upcoming marriage conference on Jan 30. The content relates so well to our demographic and is geared toward strengthening our marriages for the second half. You will hear more about this in the days to come. But please save the date as you won’t want to miss this event. The website of the presenters can be found at “Doing Family Right”.
            This Sunday, you are in for a treat as John New shares about his spiritual journey and how the Lord has guided his life and then Chuck Dreiling will lead us in Communion. Its always so encouraging to hear how God’s grace has intersected with a believer in life. See you Sunday.
* UPCOMING EVENTS: (hope I haven’t missed any)
December 6 – Ladies Christmas Luncheon
December 8 – Church Potluck/Fellowship Meal
December 10 – King’s Kids Fundraiser with Valeria!
December 11 – Toys for Prison Ministry Deadline
December 13 – Pack Backpacks @ the Church
December 16 – Pastor David (Spanish Church) Dinner Fundraiser
December 18 – Children’s Church “Christmas Presentation”
December 25 – Christmas Day Service 

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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