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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Went for a sunset cruise last week. I’m not sure we even got out on the water this past winter, but some friends invited us to join them for a wonderful evening cruise – so smooth, so peaceful, saw some dolphins close up, enjoyed some tasty snacks, just a great time of “yack & fun”. We have got to coin a new word for “fellowship”. That may seem like slaughtering the proverbial sacred cow, but that word is so overused that its become boring. If you can think of something better than “yack & fun”, send it my way and we’ll try and coin a phrase that’s more eloquent than “yack & fun”.
* We joined in with a farewell party for Tiffiny Fisher & Co. on Saturday. They will move back North to WA this week after spending several years in San Carlos. We’re grateful for all they’ve done and the things they’ve added to our lives. All the best to you on your new adventure.  
* Thought you might enjoy the following story, I received from Dan & Linda Abbate. They are former attendees who now live in Rocky Point, who still have such a huge heart for the Lord and for SCCC. What a treat to hear about these recent miracles! (Linda’s Sister, is Shirley Robson, who also attended while she was in SC)
Good morning, Pastor Glenn,     
Two things:
     My Sister-in-law, Shirley, has continued her recovery from the breast and sternum cancer. She turned 82 last month and feels, looks and acts like she’s at least 20 years younger.Her treatment has been scaled back to a blood infusion every four weeks.She was virtually on her deathbed in early 2015 when our request was placed on the Prayer Wall.Through those who prayed and God’s Grace, she is now enjoying life very much and has come much closer to Him.
My “blind eye” situation has greatly improved.The left two-thirds of my right eye is unchanged with vision still blocked by a gray cloud. The good news is that, after seeing three ophthalmologists in Arizona, a friend, Michael, here in Rocky Point referred me to an eye doc he has been seeing here. With nothing to lose I scheduled an appointment with him about 3 months ago.After three injections and prescription eye drops over that period, the distortion on the right side of the eye, which was also caused by the burst blood vessel, is almost completely gone. The final injection in the series was 3 days ago, and he expects things will improve even more over the next few weeks.

     Pretty amazing, after being told by three experts in their field, that there was no hope for any improvement. The end results will be that the eye patch should only be necessary for close-up work like reading and typing, but won’t be necessary for distance. Distance vision being driving, yes driving, watching sports, viewing TV and similar things requiring depth perception.You have no idea what a difference this has made in my quality of life on a day to day basis. I believe I remember telling you the last time I saw you that there was no chance things would ever get better. You told me you would be praying anyway.I should have had more faith.Obviously, God had a better plan for me than to be one-eyed.Also, lots of others have prayed, as I have, but admittedly not with a lot of conviction from me at first.
     I should have known better. As my mother used to quote from Matthew, “Oh ye of little faith”, when things were gloomy and impossible looking. There is a reason for everything He does. Sometimes I forget that. For some reason, I now believe that somehow I will be given opportunities to witness about this totally unexpected miracle and how God’s hand has been on me since that day last November, just waiting for the right time.Michael and his wife who are both deacons in their Lutheran church in Tucson, as well as attending Family of God here, have been praying for me since I told them about the eye problem in early December.They were both convinced that the doctor here would find some way to help me because he had helped Michael with a much less serious vision problem. They couldn’t have been more correct.
      Praise to God and much gratitude to those, who prayed and had faith in my chance at improved vision. I had no idea this would turn out to be such a long narrative, but I felt you wouldn’t mind reading it, since it is such a terrific example of God’s blessings.

Dan Abbate

* Have you got a recent “God Story” you’d like to share. Feel free to send it my way. There’s no greater encouragement than hearing about God at work in people’s lives!

* A number of brand new “Missionary Newsletters and Updates” have been posted on the Church’s “One Drive”. Access them by clicking HERE

* Your Prayer Connection center is the SCCC “Prayer Wall” where you can either post your prayer request OR pray for those from our church family who have posted a prayer need! So grateful to have such a great resource to keep our church family connected over the summer months! Follow the link:
* Sermon Series – We’ve diverted from 1 Peter for a few weeks to look at some things about the spiritual realm. Two weeks ago, we looked at Believer’s enemy, Satan, particularly at who he is and what he does. Last Sunday, we looked at how to combat this enemy, using Ephesians 6:10-18 as our text. Paul, writing from a Roman prison, chained to a guard 24/7, uses the armor the guard wears as an analogy of what we need to do to defend ourselves against the enemy’s tactics and schemes. The Lord shows us how important it is to protect our heart and minds (armor & helmet) from the things in life that pierce and wound us. His Truth (belt) reminds us of who we are, of our security in Christ, our authority in Christ and allows us to march forward (boots) with the Gospel (Good News) rather than being sidelined by the wounds we receive in life. We receive one offensive weapon, the Word of God (sword) which is the Lord’s Word about who we are in Him and gives us confidence as we respond to the enemy’s lies. While he “protects” us and allows us to “advance”, it is Prayer that keeps us connected to our commander in Chief. He’s the one who lives in our hearts and who ultimately gives us the victory in our walk. Next week, we will finish this series by looking at temptation and how we deal with those things that come our way.
Please note – I apologize to those of you who listen to the services online, but there is no recording of last Sunday’s service.
Have a great week serving Jesus,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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