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Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Its Christmas! Its times like this that you have to appreciate technology. When your family members live 100’s of kilometers apart or more, yet you can get on facetime or something similar and still connect. As I perused facebook this morning, I see the many family gatherings and friend gatherings and it just kind of lights you up as you see people enjoying one another. Its good isn’t it! I know, its not being there, but it’s the next best thing. I hope your Christmas was a delight and you got to enjoy some special connections. 

* Mayra and her kids blessed us on Sunday. The kids sometimes tell us how shy they are to get up front, but they always respond when the moment arrives and they didn’t disappoint us this time either. Thanks kids, thanks Mayra and team for all you did. And then we sang the familiar carols with John New and team. Such good traditions at Christmas.

* Allow me to highlight a few things this morning. 

1.  We are beginning the New Year with Prayer and asking for your participation. We are dependent of our Lord and we’re asking Him to give our church family a year of fruitful harvest and blessing. We are praying for His guidance and direction to this end.

  • Jan 5-6 (Friday & Saturday) at the Church from 8:00am -5:00pm.
  • “Sign Up” sheets for your hour of choice are posted in the foyer.
  • Please commit to a minimum of one hour on either day!
  • There will be printed guides for you to use to pray.
  • If you’d like to pray longer, you are free to do so.

“Prayer is not the only thing we should do – but it is the first thing we should do.”

 2. The Leadership of SCCC has chosen to make a shift in their terms and in the selection of elders:

  • Elders will now serve three-year terms.
  • Elders can serve a maximum of two terms prior to taking a 1-year break.
  • Elders may serve a second term – with congregational affirmation at the AGM.
  • Church Attendees may nominate potential elders annually.
  • Potential elders will be vetted with the same process as potential deacons presently are.
  • After vetting is completed, potential elders will be presented to the congregation two weeks prior to the AGM with a congregational affirmation vote at the AGM. 

Requirements for Elders are listed in our church constitution (Constitution and Bylaws Click HEREand are based on passages of Scripture including 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9. We have included a list of expectations which are a practical outflow of those verses and others. They are listed at the end of this document.

We now invite you as congregants to initiate this process by prayerfully choosing people from our congregation who could fulfill these roles. As with potential deacons, we invite you to consider who might be well qualified to fill these roles, to then fill out a nomination slip, to sign it and place it in the appropriate box in the church foyer. Elder nominations will be accepted until January 10, 2017.

 3. Please mark your calendars for our upcoming Missions Convention at SCCC – Jan 19-21. Jim and the team are bringing together as many of our financially and prayer supported missionaries as possible for the weekend. They will have booths and displays set up at the church. This is your opportunity to get to know them, to see how the Lord is directing them in their respective callings and to possibly see how you could participate in what they are doing! There are different events scheduled for that weekend which we will share with you in the coming days. Mark it down. You won’t want to miss this event.

* Our Missionaries of the Week – Brian & Clarissa Krahn

* Our Deacon of the Week – Terry & Sue Cummins

We wish each of you a Happy New Year!
Glenn & Jeannine

Serving as an Elder at San Carlos Community Church – Dec 20, 2017 

At our recent Leadership Retreat, the Deacons and Elders agreed to have the role of eldership filled in the same way as the deacon role is presently being filled. This would result in an elder being able to serve two consecutive 3-year terms, prior to taking a one-year break. Please note, that a congregational affirmation at the AGM, following 3 years of service would be required prior to the elder serving a 2nd 3-year term. In order to retain stability on the elder team, while implementing this new model, each of the three elders presently serving, will take their break at staggered one-year intervals.

Defining Elder and Deacon Roles at SCCC – While the deacons are all about church functionality (finance, missions, building, grounds, events, usher/greeters, etc.), the role of an elder is to be aware of the spiritual needs within our church family and to then, as a team, to encourage the spiritual growth of those attending the church through the related spiritual programs.

The Elders would value having two new elders added to their team this year, with another two added the following year. Therefore, the Leadership of SCCC is inviting you, the church family, to prayerfully consider recommending people from our congregation, who you feel would have the spiritual maturity and the giftings related to serving as an elder of the SCCC family. We truly believe the Lord has placed the right people in our church family for this role and we are asking Him to make us aware of who these might be through your involvement. We will accept these recommendations until Jan. 10, 2018.

We do not encourage you to discuss the recommendation with the one you are considering as the vetting procedure will bring clarity to the suitability of those who been recommended. Nominations will be open from Dec 24, 2017 until January 10, 2018. If more than the required amount of candidates allow their names to stand, an election at the AGM will determine the results. Please place your nomination ballot, including candidate’s name, along with your own legible signature in the “Elder Nomination Box” in the church foyer.

As a member of the Elder Team at SCCC, your example of living a life devoted to Christ will be a great influence in helping others to follow Christ. The following list encapsulates some of the expectations we have of our local elders. Although supporting Scriptures are found in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9, the following statements are practical applications of those texts.

  • I am a born again Christian.
  • I am a regular attendee at SCCC when living in San Carlos/Guaymas area.
  • I financially support God’s work, both at SCCC and/or my home church.
  • I desire to live my life in a way that gives honor to the cause of Christ.
  • I am living in a loving relationship with my spouse and children.
  • I have the support of my spouse in the fulfillment of this role.
  • I am supportive of Pastoral leadership, both publicly and privately.
  • I am willing to minister to others in the area of my giftings.
  • I will support and be active in the prayer ministry of this assembly.
  • I will pray with and encourage others in responding to God’s leadings.
  • I will always keep the best interests of the church at heart.
  • I am able to keep confidences.
  • I am able to disagree on issues and still be supportive.
  • I have a teachable spirit.
  • I listen to the needs of others.
  • I have a servant’s heart.                                                                
  • I recognize the importance of leadership and I am a team player.
  • I am in agreement with SCCC’s Statement of Faith, Constitution and Bylaws.
  • I will faithfully attend and participate in the scheduled Leadership meetings.

Elder Expectations:

  • As an Elder, you will be part of an inclusive, welcoming church culture!
  • The Elder Team of SCCC will include the following expectations:
    • “Spiritually driven” members willing to envision ministry / shepherd / dream / plan / and help implement the future direction of SCCC and its related ministries.
    • Leaders who involve themselves prayerfully in the lives of those connected to the church family. They will be committed to and participate in:
      • Prayer at leadership meetings.
      • Prayer for the sick
      • Prayer for leadership through planned programs
      • Prayer Wall Needs
      • Requests (private when requested) for prayer amongst elders
    • An “inclusive, godly, welcoming” nature which is readily visible within each elder at all the church’s services.
    • Be active in developing the gifts and ministry of others.
    • Regular connections with newer families & guests (over a restaurant meal or at home  or as comfortable) – meet with a minimum of 2 families per month, who you are unfamiliar with.  Assimilation of new comers is a critical part of the Elder’s role.
    • Deacons, Elders (& Spouses) to attend two Annual Leadership Retreats designed to envision future plans & goals of SCCC. 

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