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Good Morning Church Family,

 * Had to make a quick trip to Guaymas yesterday. The lady in my life, several weeks earlier, had gently informed me that flowers on Valentine’s Day (that’s tomorrow guys) were too predictable a response from her man. She ishares that flowers ought to be a true surprise and she would prefer that they arrive on alternate and random days of the year – you know its one of those speeches that us guys don’t understand really well! Anyway, after the morning deacon’s meeting, thinking I had a little time before my bride would wonder where her groom had wondered off to, I carefully raced into Guaymas, straight to that great little shop and within a few minutes, scored that little bouquet that was going to offer those valuable points that husbands sometimes require. 45 minutes later, I walk in the door, holding my treasure in an arm hidden from her view and boldly, yes boldly spoke up, “remember how you said, you didn’t want me being predicable on Valentine’s Day?” Yes, she said and with that I revealed my treasure to a “glee filled” response and well, a couple of wonderful hugs and kisses thrown in for good measure. It was fun. But Now, what to do on Valentine’s Day! Thinking about buying her a “gopher” gun! Maybe she’d be more careful with it than I was. If you don’t get that comment you weren’t at the Sunday service!

* 2018 AGM Ministry Report          (Feb 22nd @ 6:00 PM at the Church)

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 * The AGM is an ultra important day in the life of our Church. This is about “where we’ve been and where we’re going” as a church family and we would really appreciate you participating in this evening. You will also be asked to participate in the election of new elders and deacons. There are also some proposed bylaw changes. Just click on the above link to peruse all the respective reports, finances, bylaw changes, potential elders and deacons and the pastor’s report.      

* Missions Field Tour – Friday Feb. 23 (bus leaves the church at 9:00 am sharp). If you’ve not had a chance to see these ministry locations, this is a great opportunity for you. There is no cost involved and even the lunch will be provided. Don’t miss out as these tours always fill up quickly.

            Tour will include Howard & Susan’s Bible School, Belen Casa de Pan (Devon & Marisol), Maggie (Amor, Agua y Mas), King’s Kids (Jesse & Jenny), Ancla de Amor (Brian & Clarissa) and Casa de Esperanza (Art & Brenda Koenes).

 * Ladies Conference – This is going to be an amazing event for our church. How exciting to hear about all the interest from folks in our community. We’re praying this will be an event that will greatly impact the lives of all who attend. It looks like it will be a sold out event and tickets are limited. So get them soon, ladies!

            The Theme – “A MUSTARD SEED….CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS”

We’re thrilled that Cinthia Hiett will be staying over to preach the March 4, Sunday morning service as well. She has a special message on her heart for our church family.

 * Prayer

  • Missionary of the Week: Howard & Susan Dyck (the Bible School)
  • Deacon of the Week: Art Koenes (SCCC Deacon Chair)

 * Last Week, we finished the 1st chapter of the book of Haggai. What a welcome reaction as the people responded to God’s challenge to give Him priority in their lives. They may have procrastinated and become self-absorbed in their own lives, but now they were ready to move on and complete the plan as directed 16 years earlier. The “light” finally went on for this remnant, as the Lord now calls them and it was literally an “awe filled’ moment as they realized how blinded they had become to the Lord’s direction.

            I think the part that I still find overwhelming is the immediate response of our Lord. They had messed up, but as soon as they recognized how they had failed, the Lord reassured them and immediately promises them, “I will be with you.” Those kinds of encouragements from the Lord are so prevalent throughout the Bible and equally as  available to you and I today. Follow Him with a whole heart, follow Him in obedience and He will be right there with you in every part of your life’s story!

            I love the way its translated in the New Living Translation – God “sparked the enthusiasm of Zerubbalel, Joshua and the entire remnant.” This response resulted in theme carrying out the work as God had directed. Its like when you respond to God’s voice, to God’s leadings, God responds to you! He makes it happen when we partner with Him. And that’s the beauty of this. We find our value, our worth and our satisfaction as we respond to Him. And the challenge we were left with was responding to the question, “what is God asking you to do?” If you’ve lost sight of that direction, get back on track and come back to that place of fulfillment.

            Next Sunday, Chapter 2. – Notice the shift in Haggai’s message. In Chapter one, God was addressing the indifference in their lives. But now in chapter two, God deals with the anxiety they face as they try to do God’s work. He has promised to be with them. So as you read ahead, watch for how God ministers to them (to us) when they/we get anxious.

Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

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