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Good Morning Church Family,
* What a week at SCCC – The very first women’s conference at SCCC and from the feedback I’ve heard, what a great day! I shared on Sunday that I did sneak in for a bit to take some pictures and as you may notice on the church’s facebook page, most are taken from a distance. Yes, I felt like a spare groom at a wedding – very “un needed” as you may well understand. But beyond my insecurities, to see all the ladies, both from SCCC and from our community together for this event, was so inspiring. My hat is off to the ladies ministry team for putting this all together. What a way to cap off the “War Room” Bible studies, which was equally well spoken of to us, by many who are not (yet) a part of our church family!
* The weekend concluded with our first “all ladies” worship service on Sunday. Again, so many of our ladies came together to bring us a meaningful Sunday experience. From ushers, greeters, sound, communion servers, announcements, the Saturday review, the welcome, the worship, the offering and the opening prayer, our ladies served us with class! The service flowed so well, but even more, you gave to us from your hearts. On behalf of the guys, thank you!
            And the capstone of the service of course, was the message from Cinthia Hiett. I realized immediately that I wanted to record some of her points and didn’t have paper and pen. So I pulled out my iphone and warmed up my “skilled” one finger and tried to take some notes, which turned out to be a great formula for keeping our faith strong.

Knowledge + (what I know about God)
Evidence/History + (how have I seen Him work)
Belief + (I believe in who He is)
Trust = (I trust Him because of the above)
Faith – So my faith is strengthened!

Cinthia went on to share a number of Scriptures to reinforce each thought and then very practically challenged us to share our longings with the Lord, but to also not be disappointed when our longings don’t come to pass, as the Lord may well be doing something of greater value in our hearts. Her illustration – “I was only asking the Lord for Tucson, but He took me to Mexico” – so much more than I had ever dreamt for. What are you longing for. Have you been disappointed? Could the Lord be doing something even greater? So yes, it was a magnificent weekend! But there’s more!
* One of ladies, Hildegard Bruni wrote a poem which she sent me yesterday to express how her heart was moved through the ministry of Cinthia Hiett. Thank you Hildegard. Allow me to share it with you:

God’s word is truth and evidence
Revealing history for human plans.
God bade us to obey and trust,
Have faith in HIM, forget the past.
God sacrificed His only son to save
The sinner’s souls. To them He gave
Commandments how to live by faith alone,
And worship God, and His beloved son.
God guides and loves us here on earth.
He’ll let us reign with him in paradise.
When we to God did our lives surrender,
We grasped a fraction of his splendor.
God gave us victory in trials
And filled our humble hearts with love and smiles.
We honor God through words and selfless deeds
And do our best to meet the people’s needs.
Nothing is impossible for Thee,
If we believe, trust and obey.
Hildegard Bonacker Bruni
Written 3-4-2018 after listening to a sermon by Cinthia Hiett
* There’s still more – Matt had 7 new teens at youth – 34 teens in total! While they may have been a little short of pizza and cookies, nothing could have made the evening more fulfilling than to see what the Lord is doing through the Youth Ministry! When Matt sends me a text before he even starts teaching the youth, you know his heart is full and we rejoice with him in all these things. If you want to know more, Matt’s got a great story about some newer attendees and a lady named Minerva!  
* Yep, there’s still more! Mayra announced her plans for Semana Santa – “why dream small” would be Mayra’s theme song! You saw the pictures of plans, you heard about the opportunities to help! And some of the construction guys showed up yesterday to begin the process with Mayra. You will want to sign up to be part of this event! I don’t know what’s all coming down the pike, but you want to keep your eyes on this one! More to come at Semana Santa on March 27 & 28!
* If you ordered tamales from Pastor David’s Church, they will be ready for pickup after the service this Sunday.
* Prayer  (Please see Prayer wall for additional requests)

  • Missionary of the Week: Art & Brenda Koenes (Casa de Esperanza)
  • Deacon of the Week: Julie Ann Young (tbd)
  • Maureen Davis – hip surgery today!
  • Jade Fry (Nancy Brown’s niece) Cancer
  • Sandy Fahrenwald’s granddaughter – only 1 week old – seizures 

Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

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