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Good Morning Church Family, 

Firstly, allow me to welcome a number of new readers who signed up for the Pastor’s Desk over the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy.

Its kind of a bonus when we had already celebrated our Canadian thanksgiving in October and last week, we got to do it all over again as we joined with friends to celebrate their American thanksgiving. So grateful that we were included in such a fun time of fellowship and such a great meal. I’m sure the Lord doesn’t mind it if we’re grateful twice in a year “or more”! For those of you who celebrated, I pray that your thanksgiving was a special time.

The stories Jeannine and I become aware of as we meet with guests who attend our church are nothing short of inspiring. This last week was no different as we spent some time with two of the folks who joined us for worship the Sunday before. Both visits revealed that adventurous spirit and that extra boldness that people who come to Mexico seem to have. It just continues to be a treat to hear who they are and how they got here, to chat about faith and church and to enjoy the blessing of new friends.

 By the way, Its working! You may remember I mentioned recently that I repositioned some of my tomato plants so that they could see our neighbor, Ellen’s garden. My plants had been rather slow and unresponsive, but after two short weeks of observing “plant life” across the street, they have changed their ways. Yes there are now flowers blooming on several of my plants, a little dessert in the form of nitrogen fertilizer may have helped the response, but alas, I can be thankful for their progress. 

Need a mid-week spiritual refresher? Sue Marston’s study in the Word begins today (Nov 27) @ 1:30 pm at the church, with one more study to follow on Dec 4. They will continue in the new year. Please look for announcements at that time

The last in the series of studies on “Feasts of the Bible” concludes this week.
Potential SCCC Israel Trip: Please contact Brenda Koenes @ for further information or to express your interest in going on this tour. More info coming shortly.

 Prayer Time: Along with the “Prayer Wall”, here are a few items to keep in mind: 

  1. Jeff & Cindy Lu’s son Adin was released from hospital last Friday. He is doing well. From what they know at this point, they have one more Doctor appointment next week.
  2. Leadership Retreat – On Thursday evening and Friday, the deacons and elders will meet and discuss the future vision and direction of our church. We’d so appreciate your prayers for a clear understanding of all God would have for us in the coming year.

Our Focus last week in the Hearing God series: Ways in Which God Speaks

NOTE: The last point on Sunday was that God speaks to us is through His “still small voice.” Jennifer Hudson made me aware of great video testimony that Bill Hybels shares about a very busy business man, whose time in a “rocking chair”, listening to that “still small voice” of the Lord changed his life. It’s such a powerful story! Watch it by clicking on .
Ways in Which God Speaks (Job 33:14)  – Outline
1. Audible Voice – Biblical Examples:
      Old Testament: God called to Samuel
      New Testament: God called to Saul on the road to Damascus

2. AngelsBiblical Examples:
      Old Testament: Abraham, Joshua, Balaam, Gideon, Samson’s parents, Isaiah
      New Testament: Mary, Philip, Cornelius

3. Other Phenomena Biblical Examples:
      Burning Bush – Moses (Exodus 3)
      Donkey – Balaam (Numbers 22)
      Writing on the wall – Belshazzar and Daniel (Daniel 5)
      Fleece – Gideon – (Judges 6)

4. Dreams & Visions – Biblical Examples of Dreams:
      In Genesis, Joseph learned through two dreams what his future would be
      In the New Testament, the Magi were warned in a dream (Matt 2)
   Dreams & Visions – Biblical Examples of Visions:
      Abraham – Genesis 15
      Peter – Acts 10
   God even spoke in dreams and visions to unsaved people!
      Examples – Pilate’s wife, King Nebuchadnezzar.
   Peter speaks of the last days & how God will speak to us (Acts 2:17-18)

5. Through Other People (1 Corinthians 12 / Romans 12)
   a. Prophecy – Preaching and Teaching (1 Thessalonians 2:13)
       Peter, Paul and Apollos proclaimed the truth (Rom 10:14-15)
   b. Prophecy – prophetic word. Agabus prophesied a world impacting famine
   c. Words of Knowledge
   d. Words of Wisdom
   e. Interpretation of Tongues

6. Still Small Voice (I Kings 19:11-12; Job 26:14)
   This is the most common way in which God speaks to us.
       (Nehemiah 7:5; James 1:5-6; Hebrews 4:12; Luke 24:32; 1 Cor. 2:16; 2:11)

Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Have a great week,     
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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