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Good Morning Church Family,

I wanted to begin this morning with a word of appreciation to you all. We had our AGM last week and in a way, the AGM is really the church “new year” if you would. The Budget is in place. We know where we are going in the coming year. We’re grateful for the excellent year we’ve had. Church attendance has been good with 260 last Sunday (children not included) and running upward of 300 since mid January. We are so grateful to continually see new attendees entering our doors. We are also grateful for all the different facets of ministry which take place in our church. And all of that happens because of your generosity. So on behalf of our leadership, let me say a huge thank you to each of you who have partnered with our church to make it all happen. I know there is sacrifice involved as many of you also support a church back home. But please understand how grateful I am to see the amount of ministry take place that we have seen again this winter. We are a blessed church. Thank you!

What a treat to have Pastor Rich and Karen with us last Sunday and to be able to serve communion together with him. They faithfully served our church family for five years prior to our time here.

A little irony – a number of our church ladies participated in a lunch at the Yacht Club on Monday.  And here’s the irony – after finishing a series on “reducing our baggage”, these ladies are at an event where the door prize happens to a “carry on” type of bag. Yes, and you know who won it! You got it! Jeannine brought home our new expanded capacity to bring things along! Another test, God?

AGM Appreciation – Thank you to each of you who took time out to join us for the AGM. Your support was greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone who prepared a report and/or participated in presenting a year end report of their ministry. Thank you to all the new leaders who will be joining our leadership team. We look forward to your input. The 2018 Annual Report can be read or downloaded by Clicking Here.

Men’s Breakfast and Study – Grant Dafoe is leading this week and will be looking at “God’s Will.” Does God have a specific and perfect will for you? Is whatever you happen to do God’s Will? How do you determine what God’s Will for you is! Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am)
Baptism Anyone?We’re preparing for another baptism service in April. If you’ve not been baptized as a believer, I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you and discuss baptism and look at why the Lord asks all believers to follow through with this act of obedience. Email 

March 9 (Saturday) – leaving the church @ 9:00am – Mission Outreach to the Dream Center Feeding Program in Guaymas. We need 6-8 volunteers: 1-2 to cut hair, 2-3 to make desserts for about 80, the rest to help serve food. Email Brandon for more info

Need to connect with someone from the church: Click on any of the following links to see the listed information. 

  • All of our Missionary Newsletters             Click HERE
  • AGM Ministry Report 2018                       Click HERE

March 17 – after church – Softball and Hotdogs at the field behind the old elementary school in the Ranchitos. Bring a baseball glove, balls, bat, if you have them. If you don’t, that’s fine as we will share. The Bairds will supply the hotdogs and a bbq. If you could bring a side dish, that would be great. Bethany Baird is coordinating this event and can answer any questions you may have.
March 30 @ 5:00 PM at the Church: Estoy Contiga – This is the same organization which presented the incredible concert several years ago, where the pianist proposed to the soloist at the end of the event. The purpose of the concert is to raise funds to help the 136 cancer patients we currently support. Help with medicines, diapers, colostomy bags, transfers to CD Obregon or Hermosillo since Guaymas does not have Oncology. Please take note of the quality of performers once again performing at this worthy fundraiser. They are all listed on the poster at the church.
       The tickets will be sold in MDS lab & imaging and in Carnes Santa Rosa for 200 pesos.

 Sunday’s Message in Review: We’ve begun a new series called “I love my Church.” Last Sunday we looked at the incredible trust the Lord places in us as He turns over the keys of the Kingdom (Matthew16:13-19) to His disciples! Keys are linked with power and authority. With keys, we open and close doors. With the keys, we can allow people in, but we can also keep people out. We can be inviting or we can hold people at a distance. Even though some will misuse the keys, Jesus still trusts us with them.
             While the church has struggles and failures at times, He calls us (the church) together to lift up His name and to be a place where we gather to grow in our walk with Him. The church (the gathering) is critical to our spiritual growth. It functions as the body of Christ (I Cor 12:27). God has chosen us to accomplish His will as his extended body on this earth. Secondly, Its in our gathering together that we are held accountable to the truth of His Word (I Tim 3:14-15). Thirdly, it serves as the lab where we learn to live like Jesus, where we rub shoulders with those who sometimes rub us the wrong way and here we learn to work through those relational conflicts. And finally it is a place where we can practice godly peer pressure (Hebrews 10:23-25). It’s a place where we can “motivate each other to love and good works”. It’s a place where we can encourage each other, especially as we are drawing closer to the day of Christ’s return.
             We saw the church is essential to God’s plan for the future and the challenge we were left with is do we love the church (the gathering) as Christ loved the church (Eph 5:25). He gave himself up for it. How do we view the church? Is it simply an occasional event,  a weekly event or is it something we love the way Christ did?
Praying you have a wonderful week,

Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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