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Good Morning to You,
Yes, I know I missed sending out the Pastor’s Desk last week! I realized just before lunch that I had totally forgotten to send out the weekly email. I do apologize to you avid readers of this weekly update. So I’ve got highlights from several weeks today.
Good Friday Service (Friday at 9:00am) – You need to be here. Three men from the Men’s Breakfast Group, will share a short version of their life stories. No, we’re not a “men only” church, but we already had our Ladies Sunday. Now, it’s the guys turn and I’m excited to hear Ed, Harv and Ed. You’ll have to guess which “Eds” it will be, but it will be a great day to remember the work of our Lord on the cross.
Selene was center stage on the SCCC platform Saturday (April 6), leading a worship band of musicians/singers from Empalme, Guaymas and SC as they hosted an amazing Youth Night of worship, drama and testimony. I was so proud of the 20+ “Mick Jagger” aged folks from our congregation showed up to support our Youth leaders and Kids. Hats off to you. Selene’s involvement in our community with youth and adults has been a huge blessing and we are so grateful for the influence she has.
Amazing Brand New Floral Arrangements at the church! Creative talent at its finest – that’s the work of Karen Ruddock. Karen, we are so grateful for the new look, for your appreciation for details and all that you continue to do to bring such beauty to our church. Thank you!
Sunday (Apr 14) we battled with the Sea of Cortez as we baptized Cinthya Camacho and Daniel Grimes after the morning service. Both of them had shared a precious testimony during the service. Cinthya had become part of a Bible study with Selene, Gabriela &  Ely (also just moved here from Mexico City). She was first influenced for Christ (13 years ago) by Fabiola Gomero, who was part of SCCC prior to heading out for college. Daniel, a friend of “Mac”, (our Coda leader) moved here two months ago and stays with Mac. Because of some disappointments with church life 29 years ago, he had left the church. However, encouraged by the welcoming nature of our church, he become part of our church family on his arrival, felling totally accepted. What a treat to baptize these two fine believers. A great video (thanks Mayra) is posted on the church website along with some pictures of the day.
Ricky, my number one helper with the giftbags on Sundays, had also planned on being baptized. Unfortunately, his grandparents, Rick and Donna Kirk, had to leave for Phoenix on Saturday due to health issues. Donna has had problems with a heart valve in the past and on Saturday morning had “0” blood pressure. Rescate and Dr. Mike were able to bring the blood pressure back, however Donna is in Phoenix going through tests and medical procedures to restore her health. Ricky went with them, but we will baptize him on his return. He has been patiently waiting for his baptism day. Please be praying for the Kirks and for Donna’s health in particular.
Today and Tomorrow (9-Noon) – Semana Santa at the church – Mayra has a plan for the children of our community. I heard she has organized 40 volunteers to work together to influence these kids. Parents, grandparents too, are welcome to participate. Its going to be 2 incredible days of activity and events. We are so grateful for the leadership skills of our Children’s Ministry Director and all that she will have in place to touch these lives. Let’s be praying for these kids to accept the Lord as their Savior.
A need for prayer for our church family’s Jeff and Bee Kyle – I received this note yesterday: “Bee’s health is not good. She has been dealing with a nerve problem in her right leg and is now only walking with a walker. But now as of Friday, her Dr. told her they think she has cancer in her right lung. She is asking for your prayers. She’s been suffering here for about two months and she is worn out. Let’s join them in inviting the Lord to provide a miracle for Bee.

Men’s Breakfast and Study – Grant Dafoe is leading this week and will be facilitating a discussion on “Giving to God”. Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am)
Chuck and Lynn Sheridan are on their way. Chuck returned on the 12th from the African Safari. They are wrapping up last details and will be on their way shortly. Can’t wait for them to get here and serve our church with the giftings the Lord has provided for them.

We have an update from Brenda re: the November Israel Tour   Dear fellow Israel travelers,
Thanks for meeting with us a week ago. We arrived home last Tuesday and unlike so many other travelers on the Sunday, we had a very short crossing. We went through Lukeville and drove right up to the entrance and were through in five minutes. So glad we choose that route instead of Nogales.
Since I have been home i was able to contact Sun Tours and talk through a few of our concerns.
1. If you are needing help to book your flight from the states, the agency is willing to help you to do so. Unfortunately, they are unable to do anything from Mexico. We continue to check prices and still have not settled on a flight. Prices keep dropping so we are holding out as I am sure so many of you are as well.
2. Just a reminder to please let Sun World tours know your travel arrangements so they will have a complete list of all tour guests arrangements.
3. The name of the hotel we are staying at the first night of the tour is HaSharon Herziliya is in Netanya. If you want to already be in your permanent room the agency can book your room for an additional $260.00 for the previous night at the beginning of the tour.
4. The name of one of the hotels that is located near the airport is Sadot. You will however find that there are several that have shuttles to the Airport.
5. Both Danielle and Penny are working on our trip at Sun World. Here is contact information should you need.
Penny Green
Toll Free: 1-800-461-6854
T: 403-245-9181

Sunday’s Message in Review: Two weeks ago, we embarked on our “Wheel of Fortune” series. We’re talking about getting it right when it comes to the Word of God. Too often its like we spin a wheel and hope for the best when it comes to the meaning of Scripture. We looked at Paul’s challenge to Timothy, to be a good worker who did not to be ashamed with how he handled the word of truth.
            On Sunday, and in the coming few weeks, we will be looking at phrases from Scripture that we may be using out of the context in which the Lord may have intended. Our text this Sunday was from Matthew 18:20 “where two or three are gathered in my name …there am I with them.” Is this a passage meant to encourage prayer or does it have another application? We looked at the entire chapter, taking note of the context and came to an interesting conclusion. Take a listen to the message on our church website under “audio Messages”
            We’ll continue looking at more of these familiar passages after the Easter Message.
Praying you have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine 

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