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Good Morning to You,

I love Sunday’s. There are many reasons for my love of Sundays, and this Sunday was one of those reasons. As a church we were there to witness and celebrate the baptism of Donna and her grandson Ricky. It was great watching them take this step of faith and obedience to the Scriptures! Pastor Glenn did a marvelous job of getting in the cold water and performing this ceremony, while I stayed warm and dry!
Another joy was watching Chuck Morton walking into church. He was using a walker, but I am sure he is taller than the man that went into surgery three weeks ago. It was so good to see him! Carol has her husband home!

Pastor Glenn: Pastor Glenn and Jeannine are away on a vacation, travelling back to Canada and even beyond. A time to be refreshed and to learn. A time to fill up their vessels on the presence of Jesus. Please keep them in prayer as they travel and rest too.

Ladies Mountain Movers: A time when the ladies gather and pray. And wow, can they pray! Some Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m., I can hear them all the way to my office. I am sure mountains are being moved. Look out San Carlos, the ladies are praying. I am sure the evil one fears Wednesday mornings!

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Ed Hudson is leading this week and will be facilitating a study. Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am)

Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have.

Coming Up: Please consider signing up to volunteer with VBS July 1-4. A great chance to plant the seeds of the Word in children, and for me to practice my ‘grandfather’ skills. Come join us!

June Sermon Series: This June we will be looking in the Gospels and enjoy the stories about Jesus in ‘boats.” Now how can we relate to that? It will be easy! With pictures painted with words we will see ourselves in the same places as those who followed Jesus on the seas of life. Come and hear the message and find yourself in the story. Listen too, at;  

Sermon Review

The Bible message was our conclusion to the problem of quotes in context. Pastor Glenn brought us quotes often used at graduation ceremonies, while well intended, they are not often accurate or even the best advice. Then we went to a graduation address from the book of Joshua. Moses was gone and Joshua had graduated to the leadership position. Joshua was not advised to be “amazing” or to “follow your dreams” as is similar to many graduation addresses, but was encouraged to be “strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:1-9).

From this graduation address we learned that we must submit to the purposes of God. This is such an important part of every believer’s life. When the believer does not live in submission to God, they will live in disobedience. B) Seizing the Promises of God. Yep when someone makes a promise to us, we hold them to it. Why don’t we do that with the promises of God? Somehow, we read His promise and don’t think it is for us? No! Seize that promise and believe it for yourself! It is a promise from God. We should believe it and even, with reverence, hold Him to it. C) Standing on the Precepts of God. Oh, how we must remember what God has told us and then hold to those words. Stand means to just not be moved by anything else. Being fast held on the words of God. D) Soak in the Presence of God. We often fail to do this. Joshua learned his lessons of this type of relationship from Moses. A friend of God. Drinking in His company. Basking in the friendship relationship of God. How much more we would learn and be at peace if we would just soak in the presence of God. E) Stay on point with God. Later in the leadership of Joshua we find he challenge us and the nation before him, and says, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) The challenge is to stay on point with God. Will we do that? Will we stay “strong and courageous” as we “serve the Lord” and not be moved to idols of the day? 

Newbie: Lynn and myself, are new enough that each Sunday we still seem to be meeting new people. Then there is the embarrassment of knowing you should know the name of that smiling face, but there have been so many new faces and names, that it is overwhelming. The best part is the sensing the spirit of love and acceptance that we are receiving at SCCC and in the community. Occasionally I just reach over and pinch Lynn to see if we are really here. Yep, she hits me and yep, this is not a dream, we are in a place where God has called us. Thanks for accepting us into your community.
Hope to see you, or write to us, with affection, Pastor Chuck & Lynn Sheridan 
Happenin’ this week @ SCCC
Mon @ 10:00 am – Coda with Mac at the church.
Wed @ 9:00 am – Mountain Mover’s Prayer
Thur @ 8:30 am – Men’s Breakfast, Devotional & Prayer time at Tequila’s
Fri @ 5:00 pm – Youth Ministry at the Church with Selene
Sun @ 9:00 am – Children’s Ministry with Mayra (ages 2-12)

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