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Good Morning to You, It sure is hard for a newbie like me to keep track of who is new at the church. I just get to thinking I have everyone figured out and someone new (to me) shows up and someone else leaves. This last Sunday we had John from Finland join us for worship, and it was his 81st birthday. He sure was interesting to talk to! And I got reacquainted with Jim just to find out he wasn’t staying more than a week. It sure makes for interesting.
Yet the faces of most are familiar to me and I sure do like this church. It is like a big family and everyone stays connected over their many miles.

Coming Up: Please consider signing up to volunteer with VBS July 1-5. A great chance to plant the seeds of the Word in children. How valuable is that? Come, join us!

June Sermon Series: One more Sunday to look at stories about Jesus in ‘boats.” Come and hear the message and find yourself in the story. Listen too, at;

Sermon Review Serving Jesus Boat Stories Luke 8:22-39
It is interesting that Matt 8:23-34 & Mark 4:35-41 & Luke 8:22-39 all record the same boat trip and that Jesus was asleep in a storm at sea and that the disciples woke Him up in fear for their lives. Each gospel also records the demonic encounter. Matt. 8:28-34 & Mark 5:1-20 parallels Luke 8:26-39. I think Luke seems to paint the picture best.
The feeding of the 5000 and the following boat trip with Jesus walking on water is in Matt 14:22, Mark 6:45 and John 6:19. But not recorded by Luke, as a feeding of 500 associated with a boat trip. Luke inserts the feeding of 5000 with a sequence of teaching periods.
How do we account for this? Sunday many of people will go for lunch, brunch or second breakfast and talk about the message from church and each will account different parts of what they understood. Also four of us could stand in four corners of our sanctuary and each give a different account of who we saw and what we heard. All are true but each account will sound like a different event.
And so, our story Jesus & the disciples are in a boat sailing on the sea, obedient to His command. They encountered opposition to do what Jesus told them. A storm arose in opposition to their mission – go to the other side. Often there is opposition to us doing as we should even in just everyday living.
From this event there are Two Perspectives generated from the Storm. There is the disciples “We will perish.” Jesus is with us, but we will perish. Then there is Jesus. He is sleep in peace amidst a storm. Both of these perspectives on the storm brought out two very different questions. The disciples – “Who then is this?” And Jesus – “Where is your faith?”
The storm blows them off from their intended destination, and they land at the place of the Gerasenes. It is very opposite of the other side of the lake. First, it is a land of gentiles who kept and eat pigs. It is also not the culture, customs or land of Hebrew fishermen. It is very opposite.
They did not have to step far from the shore when they are encountered by a demonic man. His behavior would have frightened most men. They had been up all night, fighting a storm and wet. I am sure this was not what they signed up for to follow Jesus. Now notice the man in this story. The disciples are still asking, “Who is this that the wind and seas obey him?” Yet the demonic man, knows this is “Jesus Son of the Most high God!” But his expectation of Jesus is not the purpose of Jesus. He is demonstrating fear of Jesus. Often even in our world people are fearful of Jesus and demonstrate a lack of understanding of the purposes of Jesus.
People when they encounter Jesus, often have two different responses to Jesus. The herdsmen saw what happened, their pigs all ran over a cliff, and the demonic man was now in his right mind. But their response was to run, flee and tell the towns people what happened. Vastly different than the shepherds who were met by angels and told where the Christ child lay! (Luke 2:15)

The man who was delivered, he wanted to follow Jesus, but was told to stay and tell people what great thing God had done for him. Interesting to think, he probably was not Hebrew, but probably a gentile. Just a thought.

The disciples and Jesus got back in the boat and went home to their own land.
Think about this; every story creates in the receiver, thoughts and emotions. And demands a response. This story makes you think and raises in you some emotions. Now you must sort out that and come to a response. Don’t dismiss what I say, its true. Every message and story demands from you a response. How will you respond to Jesus? Like the herdsmen or like the man delivered who wanted to follow Jesus?

Bless your day, Pastor Chuck

Ladies Mountain Movers: A time when the ladies gather and pray. And wow, can they pray! Every Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m., I can hear them all the way to my office. I am sure mountains are being moved. Look out San Carlos, the ladies are praying.
Men’s Breakfast and Study: Pastor Chuck is leading this week and will be facilitating a study on “Prayer” Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am)

Our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have.

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