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Good Morning to You All
“Brunch for six” was our “unplanned” Sunday experience. Three different groups of us, all obviously hungry for the best “eggs benny” in town arrived roughly at the same time, decided we’d share a table for six and continued with a great time of fellowship. This church of ours is not only a great place to grow spiritually, but it’s a great group of people to hang out with.
              On Thursday, we had an afternoon coffee with guests from the previous Sunday (Ben & Denise) and once again heard of how welcome they felt entering our church. This Sunday, we noticed some other guests who came to hear the Israel presentation a week ago, and then returned this last Sunday. They’ve told us they don’t go to church, but here they are! Such a positive testimony to the welcoming nature of our church family. Hat’s off to each one of you who takes the time to “notice a newbee”.
Spanish / English “New Believer’s” Biblesthis idea went over so well last year. We are asking you to consider someone you know who might enjoy this quality Bible. It’s a New Testament, with headings of each section of Scripture, great footnotes at the bottom of the page to explain the backdrop of what’s happening or why its happening and its written in an easy to understand translation. It would be a wonderful gift for a friend or neighbor. Consider who you could provide this life-giving gift and then pick one up (or several of them) at the information table at the church. And they are free too! Who knows – maybe it will even give you an opportunity to discuss your faith with them as well!
Deacons: We are looking for three new deacons to join our deacon team in 2020. If you’re a regular supporter and attender of SCCC, we invite you to participate in the choosing of these additional deacons. A qualifications handout, along with a nomination ballot can be found on the information table at the back of the sanctuary. I’ve also included a copy of those qualifications at the end of this email.
Prayer – David Campbell suffered a nasty broken leg just prior to their planned return to San Carlos. Please be praying for a quick recovery for him and for their soon return to SC.
Hey, Monday Night at the Movies – Dec 16th 6:00 pm – “Breakthrough” – What an excellent movie last evening and I’m guessing a little – but approx. 1/3 of the audience were guests!! The next “Monday Night at the Movies” will be on Jan 20, 2020 with the next movie being either “Overcomer” or “God Bless the Broken Road”. Both of these are amazingly well done movies. Save the date and get ready for another great evening.
Did you know that SCCC supported 12 Missions/Missionaries financially on a monthly basis in 2019? SCCC, through your generosity, has provided 27,000 USD to these local Ministries. We post all their newsletters (the ones we receive) and you can read them by clicking HERE. You can also see their photos and read a brief bio on our website .

The following is the list of the Missions / Ministries we supported in 2019:

  • Maggie Arachiga – Agua y Mas   
  • Brandon & Bethany Baird – Loving Nations
  • Howard and Susan Dyck – Centro Educativo Cristiano
  • Devon & Marisol Kehler – Belen Casa de Pan
  • Art & Brenda Koenes – Casa de Esperanza
  • Jesse and Jenny Navarro – King’s Kids
  • Job & Maria Sierra – United Ministries Fellowship
  • Ryan Thiessen – Centro Educativo Cristiano
  • Ken & Ruth VanKirk – Pioneers
  • Billy & Erika Tjernland – Pioneers
  • Heather Hicks – Reconciled World 

Folks, we get to partner with these ministries and to share in the difference they are making in people’s lives! What a great reason to celebrate all that happens through San Carlos Community Church!

Spiritual Growth Opportunities coming to / continuing at SCCC in 2020   

  • Ladies Bibles Study – Psalm 23
  • Pastor Chuck – Mastering the Monster of Mammon
  • Pastor Chuck – Finding Jesus in the Old Testament!
  • Sue Marston – topic to be announced in the New Year
  • Christie Forester – GriefShare
  • Judy Long – Coda (tentative)
  • Christie Forester – Ladies Prayer Time – Wednesdays
  • Pastor Chuck – Men’s Breakfast & Study Time – Thursdays
  • Selene – Youth Ministry – Fridays @ Five (ages 13-18)
  • Mayra – Children’s Ministry – Sundays  (ages 2-12)

There are so many opportunities for you to grow in your walk with Christ at SCCC.

Pastoral Changes in 2019 – With our pastors: Glenn & Chuck, who came on board in 2019, both serving part time roles, we have increased our ability to serve the church family with both of us serving during the busy winter months. But beyond that, SCCC now functions with a pastor on site year round and we’re seeing an effective year round ministry functioning in our church. Our Discipleship options & Pastoral care capacity have also increased dramatically as a direct result of these changes.
As we come to the end of 2019, and in light of all that happens on a year round basis at SCCC, we would ask you to prayerfully consider how you could help us finish the year on a positive financial note. We need approx. 14,000 USD before December 31 to finish 2019 with a balanced budget. We believe SCCC is a great church with a great vision and is worthy of our financial support because of all that the Lord continues to do through our church family. Thank you for your consideration of this request.
Need some extra help with cleaning/baby sitting/etc this month? Mirna, who has done much work for and is highly endorsed by Bob & Catherine, is looking for some extra work. Mirna was with us in church on Sunday and can also be reached at 622-147-1129.
Praying you all have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

Serving as a Deacon at San Carlos Community Church – Qualifications

The Leadership of SCCC is prayerfully searching for three individuals who would be willing to serve a three year term as Deacon. 12 deacons serve on the team which provides leadership for various church related ministries.
The Leadership is presently inviting the family of SCCC to nominate individuals who you believe may have the qualifications to fulfill the “Deacon” role. We do not encourage you to discuss the nomination with the one you are nominating. Nominations will be open from Dec 15, 2019 until January 19, 2020. Please place your nomination ballot, including candidate’s name, along with your own legible signature in the “Nomination Box” in the church foyer.
After nominations close, the Deacons will review the names of suggested nominees to determine their eligibility. An interview will follow with the remaining candidates to discuss their willingness to serve and their suitability for the role. If more than the required amount of candidates allow their names to stand, an election at the Annual General Meeting will determine the results.
As a member of the Deacon Team at SCCC, your example of living a life devoted to Christ will be a great influence in helping others to follow Christ. The following list encapsulates some of the expectations we have of our local deacons. Although supporting Scriptures are not listed here, it follows that these are also Biblical qualifications.                                       

  • I am a born again Christian.
  • I am a regular attendee at SCCC when living in San Carlos/Guaymas.
  • I financially support God’s work, both at SCCC and/or my home church.
  • I desire to live my life in a way that gives honor to the cause of Christ.
  • I am living in a loving relationship with my spouse and children.          
  • I have the support of my spouse in the fulfillment of this role.
  • I am supportive of Pastoral leadership, both publicly and privately.
  • I am willing to minister to others in the area of my giftings. 
  • I will support and be active in the prayer ministry of this assembly.
  • I will pray with and encourage others in responding to God’s leadings.
  • I will always keep the best interests of the church at heart.    
  • I am able to keep confidences.                                                                   
  • I am able to disagree on issues and still be supportive.                           
  • I have a teachable spirit.                                                                   
  • I listen to the needs of others.                                                                  
  • I have a servant’s heart.                                                                    
  • I recognize the importance of leadership and I am a team player.
  • I am in agreement with SCCC’s Statement of Faith, Constitution and Bylaws.
  • I will faithfully attend and participate in the scheduled Leadership meetings.

The Leadership looks forward to working with those God calls to fill this role!

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