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Good Morning church family,
I’m so glad to hear and watch the news from our three nations, seeing businesses beginning to open up once again. Each location is different in their progress. I hear the nay sayers who say its too soon and on the other side of the coin, I hear those who feel we’re not moving quickly enough. There are a plethora of wise opinions for you to choose from. Quite frankly, I’m tired of all the “wisdom” available at my fingertips when no one knows for sure which is right. At least, we’re starting to see some movement. Like you, we’re praying it will soon be over. I find that much more comforting that engaging in the opinions or trying to determine which one is right.

It was great to watch some “current” sports on Sunday with Nascar. No audience, but at least there was a race. I’m sure Ed Hudson was thrilled. We were able to spend some time with families and friends last week, before they headed back North. We even spent the afternoon playing “hoof and mouth” with friends yesterday. What a hoot. We had dinner with friends at Tortuga’s on Saturday and the patio area was filled as more and more tables were brought out to enjoy a very comfortable evening and dinner. To see people and families enjoying each other was so encouraging. While all our stuff, our toys and our amenities are enjoyable, it really is fellowship with people that feeds many of our deepest longings. I truly believe its all comes back to people and community. That’s how God planned it.

Last week I missed sharing this very special link from Mayra and the children of SCCC. Click HERE to watch how our little ones honored the mothers on Mother’s Day. What a creative and inspiring video. Thank you, Mayra! Great job.
Mayra and her team delivered 35 dispensas (Food Hampers) yesterday with several more to go out on Wednesday. If you’ve been watching Mark Mulligan’s Monday Facebook Live presentations from his back yard (4:30 pm Pacific time), you will hear the very encouraging way he brings attention to this “feeding project” and the involvement of our church as we work together with Castaway, Rescate and Rotary. I am so encouraged, particularly by the fact that our church can be a vital part of and directly connected with these organizations as we make a difference together. We are the church – inside and outside of our church walls.

Prayers Requested: I invite you to continue praying for Gary Bradley, who is still struggling in ICU in Tucson. I only recently met him at one of our “Drive In” Church experiences. I know his daughters covet our prayers as he battles this serious health issue. Because of Covid, no one is able to visit him, making this even more discouraging for his family.
Christina’s daughter, Michelle had reconstructive surgery after cancer surgery and needs our prayers. Please remember others who face challenges. Take a few moments to check out our church prayer wall on our website.

If you’re looking for some great reading, we have posted a number of the newsletters we recently received from missionaries connected to our church. Click HERE  to enjoy some of their latest updates.

This Sunday, we will return with our “online church” at 9:00 am, looking at one of the greatest barriers to our personal growth as believers. We’ll be in Acts 18 & 19 and we’ll see make some observations regarding barriers this first church experienced. You may very well see some correlations between them and the issues we face which determine to stop our own spiritual growth. Sunday, “Facebook Live” – hope to see you there.
If you missed last Sunday’s message, or even if you’re not a facebook user,  you can still watch the full video service at the following links:

           May 17 SCCC Worship Service (English) Click HERE
           May 17 SCCC Worship Service (Spanish) Click HERE

Praying you have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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