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Good Morning church family,

So good to see another four families back from the North and to have them join us in church on Sunday. We continue to see an average of approx. 70 people in church each Sunday and the atmosphere feels really positive. That’s the blessing of worshiping in person. There’s a camaraderie that happens when we’re together.  But there’s more to this story.
     I enjoy statistics and yesterday received one related to churches in the USA. The stat came from a reputable organization which had surveyed a significant number of churches. Their take was that 20% of churches are still closed in the USA. Ironically, it is the larger ones that are having trouble reopening. Of those 80% of churches that are open, their attendance is at 36% of what it was pre-covid. I am grateful that in comparison with our November attendance from last year, we are running at approx 50% of our regular attendance. But as a bonus, we also have a portion of our church worshiping with us through facebook.
      Its such a different way of trying to evaluate where we’re at in our connection with church family. We understand fully that there are some, even here in SC, who need to watch from home as they have pre-existing health conditions. There are also families watching, from both the USA and from Canada, who will not be able to join us this winter.  I must confess, I will miss your presence, but we each have to evaluate and deal with our own personal situations. Having said that, I will still miss seeing you at church, lol.
      So, I am really thankful that we can also connect with you, our church family, via our Facebook Live Service. Please know that even though we may not all be in the same location for worship during this “covid time”, we appreciate and value all of you, regardless of how you join in for worship.         
      The sound on Facebook Live was so much better on Sunday as Mayra implemented some more changes with our facebook feed. It was a treat to see a number of you say hello and make comments as you watched. When you do so, it helps us evaluate the effectiveness of our facebook feed, how we can improve what we’re doing and whether we should continue with this venue. You could also help us increase the viewership by “sharing” the feed on your personal facebook when the service is live. Who knows, maybe one of your friends will be drawn to consider Christianity if they tune in. Perhaps Covid could be a “round about” reason they consider faith and eventually give their hearts to Christ.
Great News: Brooks and Yvonne Nelson, who recently contracted Covid-19 back in Colorado, sent an email yesterday to say they are both back to health and doing well. They hope to be back to San Carlos in the new year.

Mayra continues to oversee the food relief packs which we provide in partnership with Castaway Kids, Rescate, et al. At this point, we prepare 40 relief packs every two weeks for hungry families who have lost their employment due to the results of covid! Your generosity makes this possible.
School Backpacks: Brenda Koenes mentioned Sunday that they now have enough school supplies. They could use some more gifts to put into the back packs. So praise God for your wonderful generosity, once again.
­Prayer Concerns: Please join us in praying for these folks:
1. Pedro (Mayra’s Grandfather) is still intubated in Hermosillo hospital. There has been some improvement which we are so grateful for.
2. Terry Lynn Chalis, is still in hospital in Tucson and is facing a serious health situation.
3. Dennis and Genie Kontz in Phoenix (both have contracted Covid) Dennis is scheduled to begin chemo and radiation tomorrow for an advanced lung cancer.
4. There are several other requests on our prayer wall. Please take note of these by going to our church website and clicking on the prayer Icon.
Train Station Ministry in Guaymas (from Heather Rix c/o Beto & Candy). One need now, as days get colder is SHOES.  If anyone has shoes in good condition they no longer use, (especially men’s shoes) we would be happy to pass them on to those in need. Talk to Heather or simply drop them off at the church.
New Sermon Series – Life Lessons from Joseph – in Gen, 37, Joseph is thrown into a pit by his hate filled brothers, hoping that he will die in this dried up cistern. Many of us have faced, or are facing or will face pits (huge challenges) in life. We all will at some point. What do you do to get out of these pits? Through Joseph we learn the right questions to ask if we’re going to move forward!. What we learned is if we get stuck on the first question, a normal question which we all ask, we will never heal from these experiences. There are several other questions we can ask which will indeed bring us to a place of hope. Want to know more? Click on the following link to watch the video message of how to get out of the pit.
In preparation for next week, we’ll be in Genesis 39 and James 1. When it comes to trials and temptations, we need to ________ trials and ____  ____ temptation. I wonder if we get these two blanks backwards sometimes. Join us next Sunday for some thoughts on how to grow through trials and temptations. Invite a friend to join you either in church or on facebook live.  

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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