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Last Sunday, I shared the following with our church family. For those of you who weren’t there or may not have heard, I include that announcement in today’s Pastor’s Desk.

Letter of Resignation from Glenn Driedger – February 28, 2021

It was in April of 2013, we received an email requesting that we consider applying for the role of Lead Pastor of SCCC. We were comfortably “retired” in Puerto Vallarta, but still wondering what next steps might be for our lives. Jeannine and I prayed and consulted with peers/friends about this possibility. What followed in July, was a two week period in San Carlos, with preaching, interviews and getting an overview of this community. It was during that time the Lord gave us a love for this community and birthed in us a desire to pursue this pastoral role. The rest is history.

There were changes in the wind that we inherited and other changes we saw as essential for the health of our church. The first was a building project which already had significant funds in place. However, more funds would be needed to complete the project, and you responded to that need. In April, 2015, we had our first service in a brand new, debt free facility.

The Lord placed numerous thoughts/concerns in our hearts and minds as we began our role at SCCC, plans and dreams for further ministry expansion, beyond just the bricks and mortar.

  1. There was a need to truly become a year-round church with a year-round vision and pastoral staff.
  2. Our constitution needed revamping to a document that would better serve our church & its needs.
  3. There was a need for terms in the elder/deacon roles to keep the church fresh in thought/direction.
  4. There was a need to develop and model “community” involvement beyond our four church walls.
  5. There was a need for better, consistent communication with the congregation – thus the Pastor’s Desk.
  6. There was a need for children’s ministry as we began to see more children attending with parents.
  7. There was a need for a connection with our Spanish speaking families – thus translation & devices.
  8. There  was a need to build relationship (beyond a cheque) with the missionaries we supported.
    1.  Mission Tours were initiated to help our folks get a better understanding of their role.
    2. Several Mission Conventions were held at the church to highlight our missionaries.
    3. One Drive Site – became a place to share the latest updates from our missionaries for our church family to read.
    4. Protocols for the relationship between Missionaries and our church, including support.
  9. We saw an opportunity to develop a youth ministry – which is now a full-time youth ministry.
  10. Practical Ministries – In addition to Griefshare, Coda & Spanish Language trainin began in house.
  11. The need for an assistant pastor to support the growing workload which climaxed in 2017-18.
  12. The need to understand and promote the value of women in leadership roles, both as elder and deacon.
  13. There was a huge need for better financial reporting and a budgeting process which is developing.

We are so grateful that the Lord allowed us to be a part of the ongoing growth of this very unique church. We’ve had wonderful support people at the right time, at very crucial times, during discouraging times, but also during the great times. The Lord always came through. We’ve continually seen the Lord provide willing volunteers with a servant heart. God has been so faithful.

We have come to know some wonderful people, both in the church and outside of the church. We’ve seen people who have never been in church, or who haven’t attended for many years,  either begin or renew their walk with Christ here. We’ve been able to be a part of their growth, been involved in some baptisms, some child dedications, a number of weddings, sadly also some funerals and we’ve been privileged to listen to literally hundreds of stories.

You’ve allowed us to speak into your lives, humor you about “hoof and mouth” games. You’ve allowed me to share the Word of God with freedom and so many of you have shared your life journey with us, from the good times to the tragic. Thank you for the trust you’ve given us.

We’ve been absolutely honored to have served in this capacity. Many of you have become so much more than just church congregants. You have become friends. We have missed those of you who couldn’t come this year. That is what makes this next statement so difficult for me to make.

Over the last year, Jeannine and I have wondered and prayed about whether our work here was coming to a completion. Many different things play into those thoughts. We are grateful for the many positive changes we now see in place, things that I just shared with you. The church is as healthy as it has ever been operationally, and I pray that is also true spiritually. But, sometimes you just know that you know, deep down in your heart, that its time to make some changes.

One thing I can assure you, the church has never been dependent on one particular person. God has provided so generously for our church over the last 8 years and even prior to that and He will continue to provide in the future, simply because He is a good God and because you are in His hands.

So with that, I am tendering my resignation as Pastor of San Carlos Community Church. We will complete our role here on April 30, 2021. We plan to remain in the community, and we look forward to continuing to build on the many friendships we already have in place here. We love it here and we plan to enjoy our retirement here with the many of you who are doing the same. I simply conclude by saying, on behalf of Jeannine and myself, thank you for everything you have added to our lives.
Respectfully submitted,
Glenn Driedger

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