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Good Morning Church,

Its “Semana Santa” week or Holy Week in San Carlos, (well actually around the world). Its just a little more obvious here in SC. Its getting a little busier around town, some of the rental houses are filling up, more cars on the road in the evening, etc. There are still restrictions, so it will remain to be seen how busy it actually gets.

While we set an attendance record last Sunday for the season (130), some of our folks are starting to head North. I think 10-12 of them shared on Sunday they were leaving this week. Its that time of year when we say farewell for the season, always comes with some mixed feelings for all of us. However, it just makes it that much sweeter when you return! So we once again pray for safe travels for those of you who will be on the road.

Our determined Canadian friends, those who managed to get here this winter, are now finding ways to return, while trying to avoid some of the fees which the powers that be want to impose upon them. We’re listening intently as we also hope to spend the summer months back in Manitoba. It will all come together, just might be a little trickier!

We are however, anticipating a great week here in SC, beginning with our Good Friday Service.

Good Friday” Service – Friday, Apr 2 @ 9:00 am – This is going to be another great day as we will get to hear from three of our church family. Denver Janz, Betty Graham and Bryan White will each be sharing a little of their spiritual journey at our Good Friday service. We will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) as part of our service. You won’t want to miss this.

Easter Sunday – Easter morning service @ 9:00am. Bring a friend, an acquaintance or a neighbor along as we speak about turning setbacks into comebacks. It might just be a timely message your friend could use. The service will also be available on facebook live.

FYI – Pastor Chuck is on holidays for the month of April and will return to serve our church family in May.

Prayers Requested:

1. Jose Luis’s family – We are saddened to share with you that Jose Luis’ went to be with the Lord last week. Please be praying for the staff and students of the Bible School (CEC) as they mourn the loss of a very respected friend and teacher. While we rejoice for Jose Luis, settling into his new home with our Lord, we also ask that you pray for his spouse, Rosario, their children and their extended families. We are so sorry for your loss.

2. Marco Torres is home from Obregon hospital. His platelet counts were much higher than they had been, allowing him to spend some time at home. He is in good spirits. He will begin a second regime of chemo in 10 days. Marco and his family are so grateful for your prayers and support.  

Sunday’s Message Summary: An Intentional Faith was our theme on Sunday. True hope is a much sought after commodity in an era when our culture is in such a crisis. If 50% of believers, as Barna’s survey concludes, are searching for purpose and meaning, than what do we have to offer to the unsaved friends around us? Well, Peter defines how to live out an intentional faith in I Peter 3:13-16.

Peter gives us three keys to being intentional:

1. We are called to exhibit our faith. Is our faith visible to those around us? Do people see us living out our lives in an authentic way? Does the way I live out my faith cause people to ask questions about the “hope” that I have?

2. Can we explain our faith? People are looking for hope and will ask questions when they observe someone with an authentic faith. Peter challenges us to explain the hope we have as believers. In other words, what changed when I made Christ my Savior?

3. Finally Peter challenges us to express our faith with gentleness and respect. The issue is not to become more aggressive but to become more sensitive to the needs of the people around us!

We are not called to cram our faith down the throats of potential Christians. The most effective opportunities to share our faith happen in our ongoing connections with those friends and neighbors who observe our faith and our actions. Peter reminds us that as we live out our faith with intentionality, we will have opportunities to explain the reason we are people of hope. His reminder is that we would do so with gentleness and respect.

              The challenge – How could I be more intentional this week?

The message can be seen on our church facebook or you can listen to the audio on our church website.

Happy Easter to you all,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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