Pastor’s Desk 2021-04-27

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Good Morning Church,
Just “one more time” has been the mantra for the last few months as Jeannine and I have been completing the formal part of our pastoral role at SCCC – one last communion, one last staff meeting, one last message, one last Pastor’s Desk and one last  . . . Like I shared on Sunday, its been quite a “wheelbarrow” ride. We’ve had some challenging times, but more than anything, we have had an opportunity afforded to us which very few in the pastoral ministry ever get to experience. To see this diverse body of believers, so many denominations from so many locations, come together to serve and honor God has been totally rewarding and completely satisfying.
At the conclusion of Sunday’s service, our hearts were so warmed as many of you followed Becki’s encouragement to form a receiving line and take a moment to care for us in such a special way. We were so pleasantly overwhelmed with the hugs, handshakes and words of encouragement. What an amazing group of people you are! But that’s our church family. Its always been about the people. That was the most fulfilling conclusion we could have experienced, and it still brings tears to our eyes as we think about it.  Thank You.
Tonight, we will share in one more very special event as we have dinner with Pastor Mayra and the youth at one of the youth family’s home. I have worked with Mayra for just over 7 years now and what a pleasure to work with such a talented pastoral peer.
Thursday, one last men’s breakfast with the guys at Tortuga’s. Pastor Chuck has got these guys participating and taking turns facilitating the group. And Thursday, we will get to enjoy Mark Knaak taking his first turn at facilitating the group. Its been a lot of fun watching the guys test their “wings’ over the last few years.
So the official part will be done in a couple of days. On behalf of Jeannine and I, I want o thank you for the opportunity to serve you, thank you for the trust you have given us, thank you for the grace you’ve given us, and thank you for the incredible support we’ve experienced from so many of you. Its been fun to have you in the wheelbarrow with us. 
While the official part will be done, we so look forward to our future in San Carlos. Lord willing, our hope would be, that we will spend many more years in this wonderful community enjoying the many friendships we have seen develop. We will spend several months back in Canada this summer and then hope to return to San Carlos in the fall. 
We sincerely pray for God’s very best for each of you and likewise, we pray for God’s very best for our church as it transitions into its future.
Hugs to each of you from a grateful pastoral couple,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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