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Good Day to You.

Hummingbirds. I continue to marvel at these little creatures and am encouraged that God spoke to me about his care for us through these little birds. Every several days I need to make a fresh brew for their feeders. ¾ of a cup of sugar goes into a pot and I add 4 X as much water. It is a soupy mix. It heats up and I stir. I was doing this the other morning and thinking as I was stirring. (sometimes I think!) Slowly the sugar dissolves and disappears. I thought isn’t that a great illustration of how God stirs in my life and slowly the sin disappears. He ‘cooks’ it out of me.  The sugar disappears. My sin is disappearing!!

Well we are done with sin. Sometimes these “Difficult Saying of Jesus” series gets me in trouble. First, we looked at the “Unpardonable Sin” and that lead to just the question of sin and forgiveness. This Sunday we looked into “Forgive 70 X 7” That was enough to make us all squirm in our seats. I was squirming just working the sermon into a presentable form.

Matthew 18. We went through the whole chapter. Yes the sermon was longer. But it was to set up the context for the teaching that Jesus gave.  My favorite verse is 18:35. Forgiving others ‘from the heart.’ Not always easy to forgive from the heart. But that denotes the quality of forgiveness.

Mark 11 has so many verses that people take out of context. My favorite verse is 11:23, faith as to be able to throw a mountain into the sea. Wow, and sometimes forgiveness is like moving a mountain! And then verse 25-26 is so similar to Matthew 18:35. It is an ouch verse. If I don’t forgive others, I won’t be forgiven! And we are all really good at wanting to be forgiven but making an excuse for why we are justified in not forgiving another.

Luke 17 is where we found this verse about 70 X 7. Poor Peter in Matthew 18:21-22 engaged Jesus and thought he was doing well at forgiving seven times! But Luke is not saying it was Peter, but I’ll give Peter credit for the statement.

The apostles thought if only they had more faith they may do better. Jesus spoke a parable and explained it was an obedience issue. Will you be obedient and forgive others as God has provided forgiveness to you?

Forgive in the original language of Greek literally means, ‘To send away or to cut off.’ It is to take the offense and send it away. To cut off what is attached that is foul and throw it away. We forgive, not for the benefit of the other person but for our own care. When you forgive, you release a spiritual and often physical healing to yourself.  Lack of forgiveness makes you sick!

This week I challenge you to practice the Quality of my forgiveness to others and to accept my forgiveness from Jesus and others.

** Yes the church is still open. We are back in RED here in Guaymas and San Carlos. Therefore it will be mandatory to wear a mask when entering the church and moving about. We will encourage social distancing and use of hand sanitizer. We monitor the situation carefully each week with the matter of restriction.

We will continue services and planning for future religious services. With this in mind we will plan for baptism August 8 after service. Some who could not be baptize last month are expecting to be baptized at this event. We will keep you updated.

Before we depart from the building to the site for baptism, water, juice and cookies will be available on the church veranda. It is a large space and there are few of us. So we will ask people to keep in their family groups.  Please bring cookies!

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

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