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Good Day to You. Baptisms! Yes we have 3 or 4 of our youth wanting to be baptized. Next Sunday here in San Carlos! That is exciting. We hope to have video interviews of these and then baptism in the ocean. We will put these up on both our Facebook page and the website after the event. If you are here in San Carlos/Guaymas area and want to be baptized contact me quickly.

While some people have continued to leave, we have some people coming in for the summer. In the last few weeks we have had three different parties come to SCCC and enjoy worship and study with us. Each is becoming active already in stepping in to assist with the life of the congregation.

It was Father’s Day. Pastor Mayra and I tried to get the children to do a Dad’s dance. But that did not work too well. So we just moved on with the message from Matthew 23:9. Jesus is saying, “Do not call anyone father.” Many people just hang their coat on that nail and don’t notice anything around it. When you read around that verse, you can see Jesus is rebuking the love of titles and the insistence of some to be titled. The ‘rabbi’ who likes to be seen and called by title. The problem is their pride in title and their lack of humility.

The verses following go on to encourage humility and service, which was and is lacking in some who are insistent on their titles and recognition. They already have their reward! It comes down to who do you serve and why? After my message Sunday I received an email from one of the men in our church. The message was that when it rains, we know it. It waters everything. Dew on the other hand comes silently and softly and waters the earth in an unnoticed manner. You never hear of a “Dew storm” and it getting a name! But we name and date heavy rain storms.

Dew is just dew. We should be like the dew. Giving life and often without title or being noticed. This is part of the quote that was sent to me. I want to share it with you. “This is an insightful test of our lives. Are we willing to be as the dew–to steal abroad in the darkness, carrying blessings to men’s doors, blessings that shall enrich the lives of others and do them good–and then steal away again before those we have helped or blessed awaken, to know what hand it was that brought the gift? Are we willing to work for others  . . .
without gratitude,
without recognition,
without human praise,
without requital?”

SermonAudio – Media Player   (the source for the thoughts on the dew come from J.R.Miller 1903)

Next Sunday; Difficult saying of Jesus. “Let the dead to bury their own dead.” Luke 9:60

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

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Opportunities to Pray:      Marco Torres. At every opportunity, pray for Marcos

Please pray for: Jamie, Brandon & Bethany, Charlie Clark.

Happenin’ this week @ SCCC
Wed @ 9:00 am – Mountain Mover’s Prayer @ church                                                                                  
Thur @ 8:30 am – Men’s Breakfast, Devotional & Prayer @ Tortuga’s
Fri @ 5:00 pm – Youth Ministry at the Church with Pastor Mayra
Sun @ 9:00 am – Children’s Ministry



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