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Good Morning Church Family,

It has been a while since I’ve sent you all an update. We’ve had a wonderful summer, but we are back in the saddle here in San Carlos and enjoying the warmth once again. It was sleeting (almost snow) and windy when we left Manitoba, snowing when we switched planes at the Calgary airport and that was Sept 22! It was pretty “cozy” here when we landed, but the temperatures seem to have backed off a bit here and its very comfortable 22 C. outside, as I’m writing. Pretty nice.

There’s always something happening in San Carlos it seems. I had prepared over the summer, via email, to do a wedding on the weekend after our return. So I got to participate in a destination wedding with a young couple from Phoenix last Saturday. It was a warm afternoon on the beach as the 200 guests waited for a violin player who had set up at the wrong location. 1 ½ hours later with a cell phone light on my notes, we went ahead with the wedding. On the positive side, Jeannine didn’t have to presoak my shirt, as it was already presoaked, under the cover of my suit jacket. Not trying to be negative, just trying to make a story humorous! But they were a wonderful young couple with great hopes and dreams for their future.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends who celebrated yesterday. Jeannine’s cooking the bird today and I can’t wait to get into the stuffing and some of the other stuff as well.

I did want to take a few moments to update you this morning on some of the current happenings with our church family. Each of these folks would so value our prayers and support:

  1. Jerry Lebo has hip replacement surgery this morning. At 90+ years of age, this has its own complications and I know Jerry would appreciate our prayers.
  2. Please pray for Jan Springman, who lost her husband Robert last week. I will always remember him as a kind, humble man with great stories that honored our Lord.
  3. Ethel Dafoe has had a recurrence of cancer from 11 years ago and is presently going through treatment. She faces some more tests at the end of October.
  4. Christie’s great grandchild, Ellie (4 years old) has had a heart / lung transplant. The surgery went well, but there are still challenges in getting back to full health.
  5. Frank Stoaks had a nasty accident on his Bob Cat and is rehabbing a very nasty ankle injury. His ankle and foot were crushed and broken. Kathy showed us some pictures the other day. Glad we weren’t eating when we saw them!

Another Baptism (YES) – Cheryl Greenleaf asked to be baptized before her return to the USA at the end of October. So we have another baptism service on October 21. If anyone else is considering baptism, please contact me asap.

Men’s Group – Last Thursday, not being sure if Men’s Group had continued, I went to Tequila’s. If nothing else, I’d have breakfast. Well, what a treat to see 10 men and a couple of youth boys gathered together for breakfast and devotions.

Women’s Mountain Movers – Although I don’t attend, I understand the ladies have continued all summer with a good attendance as well. So grateful for all these prayer warriors.

Backpacks – Art and Brenda are preparing to fill backpacks once again. So if you’re able to purchase some supplies before coming back, it would help greatly in filling these precious gifts for school age children. Our church website has a list of some of the things which are required.

Have an extra Love Seat sized couch? – You will enjoy the presence of Selene Diaz, our new Youth Director. She has dived right in, is studying English in a Guaymas college every Saturday, involved in worship and our youth. We are so grateful to have her on the team. I saw her office the other day and I know she would appreciate some furnishings in her office. If you have a love seat which is no longer needed and is in good condition, please talk to Selene or myself.

Coping with Change” – on Sunday, I shared about coping with change with our church family. (By the way, about 55-60 adults, each of the last two Sundays, and another 15-20 kids in attendance.) We’ve had a lot of changes over the summer, both as a church family and as individuals – health related, folks moving away and so on. And we miss those who have moved on, yet here is our reality as a church. Jeannine and I came back to wonderful worship, as good or better than, we had experienced all summer. Other than Ryan – it was a brand new team with Becky singing, Selene on the keys and Luis on the drums. What a treat.
Between Ken, Renee, Ryan and Scott, the church experienced great preaching. With Scott’s teaching style, he gave the church a Bible College class on who God is and how he operates through looking at the Apostle’s Creed. He shared foundational, historical truths which solidly remind us of the faithfulness and trustworthiness of our Lord. Because of our Lord’s trustworthiness in the past, we can have confidence as we move into our future, that He will continue to be faithful and trustworthy.
      Last evening, the Kalmbachs hosted an appreciation dinner for all of those who had helped in some way with financial responsibilities over the summer. While some of them couldn’t make it, there was a still a good sized group of servants who enjoyed a great evening of fellowship and fine food!
      My point is that while things change and they have, God’s provision through willing servants (and there are many more than I have mentioned) continues to be a highlight of San Carlos Community Church. Although our time away was so refreshing and encouraging, it is good to be home and its good to be serving once again in this great place in our wonderful community. On behalf of Jeannine and myself, thank you to everyone who made our time away possible. For those of you in “your away home”, we look forward to your return and to another great winter in SC.

Have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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