Pastor’s Desk #34

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October 21, 2014 
Hello SCCC Family,

* Another great week in San Carlos. Temperatures are now dropping at night. Yes, it actually does cool off. Hasn’t been any wind to speak of in the last couple of weeks, no rain, no clouds, stars at night, sun every day. And that’s the weather report for you!

* I used to think God had made a great big world, universe and all which that entails. But when it comes to people, I think God made the world a whole lot smaller. We spent last evening with two couples from Chilliwack, BC (our previous town in Canada), both of which have been at church for the last few weeks. Bud & Elaine Gardner were the folks I bought my last vehicle from. I’ll never forget how impressed I was with Bud, making a handshake deal with me and him following through on every nuance of that sale in the days to come. Bud works on Trust. I’ve never seen or worked with another dealership like that in the Vancouver area. Sig and Pat Huth were the other couple. Sig, who later on became a School principle, and Jeannine’s Father worked together as teachers for a number of years in the Chilliwack School Division. Jeannine and their daughter Jan were good friends. So what a treat to see Jeannine swapping stories with them. Mind you, I swapped a few myself. You know the Pastor’s ability to be verbose. But it was a wonderful night. The world really is large, but the connection we have with people all over the world through Christ makes it so much smaller.

* Many of you may have already heard of Jeanne Ader Baker’s passing last Wednesday. Jeanne and a number of girls from the church often played cards together on Thursdays, while the men had their breakfast at Tequila’s. She celebrated her 89th birthday just recently. Jeanne was cremated and her ashes placed in the Sea of Cortez on Sunday. Our condolences go out to Royce, MJ and the extended family.

* FYI – Bringing US and Cdn Funds for your stay in San Carlos? For several months, we were unable to cash USD checks in Mexico. That ban has now been lifted and USD checks can be cashed in CI Banco. Last time I was there, I was told there would be a 4 day hold on USD checks. Canadian checks continue to be accepted there as always! As you know things change regularly, but that was the latest info I received from CI Banco staff.

* Spanish Classes – Brandon and Kyle meet with a Spanish teacher every Thursday after Men’s Breakfast. Talking with Brandon, this teacher expressed a willingness to do group teaching as well. He could do it at the church or any other location for that matter. The cost for 3 hours of instruction per week (2 classes of 1.5 hours each): for 10 students – 40. USD / month per student; and if we had 20 students, it would be reduced to 32. USD per month per student. Please reply to this email if this would be of interest to you. We would also need to know which months you would be available to participate.

* Remember this statement from last week, “They tell me the “roof” is being raised this week!” Well, it wasn’t, but we’re hoping its going up tomorrow or Thursday. The present Sanctuary was almost full on Sunday and it would be so nice to see this new Ministry Center completed. Praying that it will come together this week!

* Marcela and Hiram’s wedding takes place this Saturday at 4:00 pm. The Church family is welcome to attend the ceremony. Congratulations guys. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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