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November 4, 2014 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* What an amazing Sunday as we dedicated three young ones to the Lord last Sunday. Ien Andre Katchmar, Ricky Dean Kirk and Tessa Jane Van Kirk were the ones highlighted. What a treat to pray for these children and their families who desire to raise these children in the ways of the Lord. The place was packed. We may be looking at two services again very shortly??

* Watch for Scams. Recently, a number of folks in SC have received phone calls from someone claiming to be their nephew. They “fish” for your name and say they are on their way to see you. Then they call back later, stating they’ve had an accident on the Mexican side of the border and need you to forward money to an Oxo so they won’t have to go to jail. Apparently, they are so convincing, the Commisario says three families have already paid, thinking they needed to help. Beware as several of our church families have already been contacted.

* Church Family needing our Prayers: If you know them send an email of Encouragement.
1. Alex & Annie – Alex’s bro in law passed away last week, this week, his godfather passed away.
2. Marilyn Beal had a 6 hour back surgery yesterday. They are in for a time of rehabilitation.
3. Chuck Dreiling continues to recuperate.

* Last week, I suggested you go to my facebook page, (Glenn Driedger) as there are a number of pictures from church events posted. You don’t have to become a “friend” as I’ve changed these pictures to “public” profile so anyone can look at them. Dedication, Building Pics, Tjernlands, Van Kirks, Arizpe and numerous events can be seen. Enjoy!

* Hope you enjoy some Church Business Updates: Yesterday, with eight of the deacons having already returned, they met for the first meeting of the season with lots of review from where they left off and unveiling ideas of what they hope to accomplish this upcoming season. A real treat to observe some of their initial discussions regarding:
1. Missions Convention (hopefully with all of our supported missionaries) Feb 20-21
2. Church Family Potlucks being put in place with the first one on Nov 13.
3. Women’s Luncheon already being planned. Last year, I believe the 100+ seats were sold out quickly and the place was packed. With Erika Tjernland as the guest speaker, its going to be a sell out again. This is the event of the year ladies for you to bring a guest, who may not yet know Jesus.
4. GriefShare is already humming. Four guests yesterday. And with the Christmas Season coming, Bob & Marilyn are offering a “One Day” event entitled “Surviving the Holidays”. I personally understand all those “firsts” we face after a significant loss, so if that’s you, please consider this teaching on Nov. 15, 10-12 noon at SCCC. The Hicks can give you further details.
5. “Back Pack” materials are starting to come in. If you are providing materials for these (and thank you for your participation) we really need you to bring those items to the church and leave them in the kitchen. This will allow the team to better prepare for the Dec 9th packing date.
6. Our Children’s Church is in need of further expansion with all the kids (PTL). Mayra would like to create several classes, allowing for more age relevant teaching. If you have a heart for Children’s Ministry, talk to Mayra and see where she may be able to plug you in.
7. Lynne unvelied a new “year to date” financial spreadsheet, which will allow for an enhanced Financial report at this year’s AGM, leading to better financial planning for the future.
8. Also discussed – with a maximum of two three year terms implemented at the last AGM for serving, 4 deacons names came up for renewal in this upcoming year. Thus, several of those will complete their service at the end of this season (April 2015) and will be required to take a one year break. This will allow for some new folks to be nominated for this role. Pray for our church, that once again God would lead the right people to this great role of service for the church. Nominations will be opened and considered in the New Year with elections at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Feb 26.
9. Our AC (Civil Association) has been completed. Grant will oversee transferring the five lots which the church uses into the ownership of the AC. Presently the church could not own the land it uses, as the lots could only be registered in the names of people with Mexican citizenship. Now, the church can move forward under the ownership and direction of this AC, which of course is under the guidance of the Elders and Deacons.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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