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November 11, 2014 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* For our Canadian Friends, today is Remembrance Day, as Canadians honor all those who gave their lives during the World Wars and the other wars that followed. As we watch and hear about the continued unrest around the world, it is good to remember that we live in freedom because of the many human lives that were lost fighting for that freedom.

* Yesterday Rob Kehler and a team of folks from the church left for the Sierra’s to begin a new season of showing the Jesus Film (and other films with spiritual truth), in villages which are planted all over the Sierras. Rob has connected with a number of pastors in previous years and continues to enhance their opportunities to share the Gospel within their communities. It is fascinating to see the hunger in the mountains as adults and children come to watch.

* Most of you will remember the tragic loss Katie Kirk had last spring with the fire in her home. Katie is in need of some appliances as she returns to this partially restored home. If any of you have a good working Fridge, Stove, Washer or Dryer, which you no longer need, Katie would be grateful for your help. Please feel free to contact her.

* “Potlucks” are back, YES! Join us and many others at the church this Thursday at 5:30pm. Bring a favorite dish and come enjoy a great time of fellowship over a meal.

* If the upcoming holidays cause turmoil in your mind, “Surviving the Holidays” could well be one way to bring healing to that turmoil. This is a one time event for people with losses and will be hosted at the church this Saturday 10-12 noon.

* We’ve been blessed by the ministry of Clayton Dougan over the last several Sundays. Thanks to Clayton for ministering to us. But not only did he minister to our church family, he also spoke to another group of 50 leaders at the Bible School at a 3 day Seminar. This has become a hugely meaningful event for Howard and the team at the Bible School. They also had another 30+ leaders stay on for another Seminar from Thursday to Saturday. So excited to see the Bible School having such great events this fall. Continue to pray for them, for both provision and opportunity to influence and empower indigenous leaders.

* As a former farmer, one of the best problems we ever faced was having too good a crop and not enough storage space (too much wheat for the granaries). We have a similar “best” problem as we wait for the completion of the new “ministry center”. So the pastor (yes me) has pledged not to pick on anyone during the service, who sits in the front 4 rows, until the new center is completed. If you can help us by moving ahead and / or into the center of your rows, that would help greatly in “accommodating storage space for the extra wheat”. What a wonderful situation God has blessed us with.

* Just a reminder that it would be really helpful if you could drop off the materials you have supplied for the BackPacks at the church kitchen asap. It will help those organizing to be better prepared for packing these gifts on Monday, Dec 8th. Once again, we are praying that these gifts will help build trust with locals in these villages and allow for more opportunities to share the Gospel in the future.

An FYI for those dealing with addictions, especially amongst women – Nancy Sutherlin, an experienced counselor in these and other areas, is willing to connect with you. She is also considering setting up group sessions for ladies. Feel free to contact her at 622 227-0014. You may also connect with Nancy at the church.

The page is full again, so till next week, Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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