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December 2, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Anyone notice the date! Its only 23 days to Christmas! Yesterday Jeannine reminded me that we’ve now lived in Mexico for exactly two years. We’ve already pastored this church for 13 months. It feels like we just got here. Time goes so quickly. Thank the Lord that heaven lasts forever and it never “gets old”. “When we’ve been there 10,000 years, bright shining as the sun. We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise than when we first begun.” So enjoy the day while its here.

* The down town train station ministry “Dream Center” run by pastor Gilberto and his wife Candy have asked for donations of any used shoes – both adult and children’s footwear, that will be given to those who attend their Saturday morning program.  A box will be placed at the entrance of the church (SCCC) beginning this weekend where shoes can be donated.

* Heard about lots of American Thanksgiving dinners this past week! Celebrating all that we have because of our Lord makes it a great day. Jeannine and I got to experience this at Frank & Kathy’s this year, along with other precious friends. I hope “gluttony” is only an old testament sin, if you know what I mean, but I kept control while watching the others indulge, knowing that I wanted to be at my best for the game of “hoof and mouth” which was to follow. While they got sleepy, we conquered. Well, not really we got whooped. But boy we had fun!

* What a treat to see all the work that has been completed this last week at “Belen Casa de Pan”. On Friday, we attended the celebration dinner with the team from Manitoba, who spent the week helping there as well as a bunch of other places. Not only did they get a chance to build, they got to take hampers to various homes in Independencia. They reconnected with folks that Devon & Marisol and team served during earlier events of the week and the beauty of this was seeing several folks give their hearts to the Lord. Hearing the team members share about their experiences on Friday night left me with no doubt that this team went home powerfully encouraged.  Thanks Art and Brenda for developing such excellent options for mission teams to experience.

* Our amazing “Children’s Church” Pastor had a birthday last Saturday. I got to tell you Northerners (that’s me too), these folks know how to celebrate. We got to join the gang at Mayra’s Mom’s “full” house after the Sat evening service. Music to celebrate to; children, teens, parents and grandparents alike; 4 – 4 kilo bags of totopos, liberally loaded with melted cheese, birrea and chiles and oh ya, a birthday cake that rivaled the size of our sanctuary (please note potential embellishment in cake size). I got to meet several pastors, one who prayed such a powerful prayer of blessing over Mayra! I know it’s a little belated, but why not take a moment to bless Mayra and/or wish her a happy birthday –

* And Sunday, we got to meet a bunch of new folks as we took in the Grey Cup with friends in the Bahia. For the unknowing, this is the Canadian version of the Super Bowl. Yes and the Calgary Stampeders “wiped up” the Tiger Cats from the East. Since their season is now complete, they are offering to help any potential “wanna bees” who may have their eyes set on the Super Bowl with some needed “skill sets”. You gotta love those Canucks, eh? So giving!

* Back Packs are being packed next Monday. Please have all your items at the church by Sunday so they can be organized and ready to pack on Monday. Packing starts at 9:3Oam on Monday morning if you’d like to give a hand. Brenda can help you with any related information.

* This weekend, (Sat @5pm and Sun @ 9am) we’ll continue our series on Grace. We looked at the freedoms we have in our life because of grace last weekend. This weekend, we’re going to talk about “forgivness”, another act of grace. But we’re going to talk about forgiving ourselves. I encourage you to ponder this subject prior to the service. How does forgiving ourselves relate to the Christian journey, or does it? Why not invite a friend to join you this weekend!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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