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It is a good Day;  I have my favorite books and movies. My books are treasures to me from brilliant minds. Some of these are very old. Some belonged to my father and a couple to my grandfather. Then there are my favorite movies, I watch occasional or play them while I work in my shop. The luxury is having these books and movies I can return to and review. Photos are like that too. We can look back and remember those times and days. I treasure the luxury of revisiting.

The loss of friends and loved ones is very personal. Grief takes different forms and we each have to work through grief at our own pace. This week I lost a mentor of mine who was mostly a father to me. Many Sundays I watched him preaching on his church web site before going to our own service. It is not just his passing alone, but knowing that with his passing it is like the book has been closed and put on a shelf and now holds no more voice to speak to me. An era of my own life has passed into times past. I cannot go back, I cannot reread those chapters, but just hold the treasured moments and memories.

Then I look around me and realize that God has been rich to me (and you too.) He has brought me into new chapters of life and new people and places to experience. I look at the faces around me and hear the laughter. I love listening to the voices. I am watching children grow up, and they are getting to heavy to through up on my shoulders, and know new chapters of life are being written out even now. Life is like a book of stories and has many different chapters. As I look around me and listen, I realize I am supremely blessed to know so many new people and friends. I think each of us should hold one another, just a little closer.

Howard Dyck’s memorial service was held at the church on Thursday, November 2 at 4 pm. I enjoyed the sharing of memories we had. I went back to an FB page and captured some photos of our friend. The service was very well done and can be viewed on SCCC FB page under “Videos” Instead of flowers, please donate to the school, C.E.C., that Howard was so passionate about. For more information contact SCCC or one of Howard’s family and we will forward you those details.

Please continue to pray for Randy M and Ethel D for their healing. Pray for Jack F family. Jack passed away as a result of a stroke.

Coming Up:

November 9 @ 5:30 pm. It is the last Potluck this year. Please bring a dish to share. If you can help with the set up, please arrive at 5 pm. Rebecca D will direct you.

November 12 after worship service we have five people who wish to be baptized. Come to celebrate and give a witness to their act of faith.

November 20 is Monday Night at the Movies. “Beyond the Mask” Free popcorn and please bring a guest, it is open to the public. The movie starts at 6 p.m..


Sunday, we continued in the series of “Who is Jesus?”  We easily consider Jesus as our saviour but often have trouble with the thought of loving Jesus also being our judge! But then it gets even more interesting if you would consider him as your mediator.

Our text was John 5:19-24. First let’s remember like father, like son. But even more so for Jesus did say, “If you have seen me, you have seen the father.” Jesus does what ever he sees the father doing. Jesus is the Word of the father come to us to be lived out for us.

I remembered a three year old boy helping his father doing some electrical wiring in my house. Of course the power was not on, but while the father worked on the wiring, the boy was right there poking and twisting with the screw driver. Whatever the father would do the boy was going to do too.

Then we read that as the father raises the dead, so does the son. So, I turned my thoughts to the Old Testament stories of people being raised from the dead. There are two records that come to mind. Both are of Elijah bringing life back into a body. Interesting, the first record is 1 Kings 17, a Hebrew woman’s son is dead, and in 2 Kings 4 a Shunammite’s son is dead. It was a Shunammite woman who cared for King David in his last days. I wonder if there is any significance in this detail being made. But for now, it was the Lord’s prophet who did the work as he served the father.

And then of course you know the story of Lazarus called out of his grave, John 11:38-44. Jesus, just by his words, spoke, and Lazarus got up and walked out. Then Jesus told the people to help Lazarus out of his grave clothes or bindings, but not like an Egyptian mummy. Can you image approaching him and unwrapping him who had been dead for three days! But poor Lazarus had to die again, but Christ when resurrected never died again! And there is the promise to us, that when we are called and resurrected, it is to eternal life.

Through this passage in John 5 is the understanding that Jesus was given the authority to judge us. Yes the decision of our eternity rests upon him. But sort of! If we accept Christ’ atonement for us upon the cross we accept that gift and pass beyond the judgement. Verse 24 says, “Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.” So our decision to honour Christ and accept the gift of salvation, passes us beyond the judgement to eternal life. A life we begin to taste when we first accept this gift of salvation.

Between a holy God and us, who carry the stain of the sin and world upon us is Christ. We have this passage form judgement because He who has the authority to judge us, also steps in to speak for us, as a mediator between us and a holy God. 1 Timothy 2:5-6 is clear about this. The verses speak for themselves and I need not explain what is so clear!

Without writing the whole of the Sunday script for you here, you can hear the full service on our FB page under the icon “Videos” and the audio of this message is on our website, in the icon of “Audio”

Blessings, Chuck.

For the rest of the story, you can follow us on the website and hear the audio or watch the entire service or part of it on our facebook page.

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Right Now Media. Is ready! SCCC has taken a one year membership with Rightnow Media. We are offering this resource to SCCC. I love using Rightnow Media and am very excited that you will be able to have this material resource too! It contains biblical educational videos that have accompanying study books that compliment the video, these can be used for group study or personal study. The studies available are of books of the Bible and also some that are topical. There are resources for adults, men, women, teens and videos teaching for children. I also found ‘conference’ videos that you can take advantage of. In all there are 20,000 videos available. That is a lot of education and inspiration material. The purpose of SCCC in offering this to you is to give you the resources to explore your faith and grow in Christian maturity.

This membership provides for us material in English and Spanish, so it suits our church community very well. Please take advantage of this material and let us know what you think.







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