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Good Day to You. There it was, I heard it again! This morning, what was that noise that is waking me up? It is thunder and it is the sound of rain. I must get up from my bed and see what rain looks like! This is not just some little sprinkle like a couple of weeks ago, this is real rain fall. Wow, it is going to get green now. And when the sun comes up, look out, it will be a humid day. I don’t like be disturbed from a good sleep, but this event was worth it.

We sing a song at church, “Grace like rain,” by Todd Agnew. The one stanza is;           Hallelujah, grace like rain falls down on me
Hallelujah, and all my stains are washed away
They’re washed away”

This morning a lot of the dust on my patio was washed away. The dust on my roof was washed away. And down the road I watched as all the trash and garbage and dirt washed downhill (into my neighbours.) It was the lines of this song that came to mind. It is not the ‘big’ sins I have trouble with. Those are easy to avoid. It is the little dusty thoughts that creep in and I recognize them and say, “What am I thinking?” I capture the thought and kick it out and turn to better thinking. I confess I should not think like that. It is like dust. It isn’t a major problem, as long as I keep up with it!

God supplied rain today to wash away the dust. And he provides the forgiveness of sin, that cleans me of impurity. I confess and I turn my thoughts to Him! My sins are washed away!

This past Sunday we examined the words from the gospels that tell us what is the ‘unpardonable sin?’ We looked at this difficult saying of Jesus from Matthew 12:22-37, Luke 11:14-23 and 12:10, and camped in the book of Mark 3:28-29 for a bit.

Finally, my conclusion is that there is only one sin that is unpardonable; blaspheme of the Holy Spirit. All the rest of my sins are forgivable. That is a great God. He forgives all our sin. Like rain, he comes and cleanses me!

But then I claim to be his follower and the question comes up, “How good am I at forgiving others?” What about if my friend at church sinned or offended me and then asks for forgiveness, would I forgive him? Yes of course! But what about if he did this seven times in the same day and asked for forgiveness, would I still be saying yes I forgive him? (Luke 17:3-5.) I put that to the congregation at church on Sunday and I don’t think they liked that question!

Forgiveness is tough to give away sometimes. We are good to receive but a little stingy on the giving side of that coin! While God reserves not to forgive one sin, blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, there is no scripture references that say we have the right to not forgive one sin. God is merciful and gracious, to us and we need to be to one another.

So about this unpardonable sin, for the complete message, I guess you are just going to watch the message on Facebook or listen to the audio from the church web site. The other is, just do a full study and let me know what you conclude.

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

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