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May 26, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        
* Good Morning to you all on another beautiful day in SC. This week, we watch another group of people go back to their homes in the North. That always feels like such a loss. So to compensate, we tell ourselves that you all are just going on extended holidays until you return home to San Carlos.

* Usually I have the Pastor’s Desk written and sent by 8am our time, but this morning I received a call from our daughter in Perth, (midnight her time, so I knew it was important). Being a Dad to a dating daughter is new for me, but what a treat for me to hear about her passions and desires as it relates to the choosing of a potential mate. As parents, you may well have wrestled through all the things you want to say, should say, should be quiet about, etc. Well this was one of those phone calls that wasn’t about hypotheticals and should be’s – it was truly a Dad/Daughter talk. Oh what an honor to be blessed by our daughter in that way. I have such respect and love for her.

* What an exciting testimony I got to hear this week from Jorge and Angelica. They were just thrilled to be able to listen to the message in Spanish and the even sweeter thing was to hear how the Holy Spirit had connected with them a specific truth they needed to hear. So its an exciting day in SCCC to see another component come together. I remember being challenged shortly after we got here by one of the folks in the church – why don’t we have Spanish translation and here once again, the Lord has provided. Miguel translated last week, Marcela did it this week, Ruben will be back shortly and will also be involved. So praise God for our diversity. As we met with Dale and Lupita the other day, Dale immediately said, we have to invite so and so, now that we have Spanish translation. What a treat to see our church family invest in ministry opportunities like this.

* On the “Prayer Wall”, you can now observe that some prayers carry the tagline “This prayer has been answered.” That tag has to be put on by our moderator but as you experience an answer to your prayer, please email me and I’ll see that this tagline is added to your request. What a way to honor the God who answers our prayers. It was a huge treat to hear back from Earl Harris this week after his request from last week was clearly answered. Please help us keep this resource visible and used for God’s Glory. Answers to prayer always encourage all of us to remain in that close connection with our Lord and with each other.

* I am so grateful for the many of you who took time to encourage Christie with a hug, a kind word, a good story, practical gifts of food and most of all, your caring prayers. Please continue to lift up this sweet lady in your prayers. Last Thursday evening, Jeannine and I were out for dinner with a group of 20+ people, most of them community people, but one other person from our church as well. We met a couple we hadn’t previously met, who obviously knew Christie and our connection to her. The lady so positively shared about her conversation with Christie the day before. What a testimony of the healing power of Jesus that this lady shared with us about her conversation with Christie. Praise the Lord.

* Youth Ministry (Jóvenes Inquebrantables) continues to draw youth. Pray for Justin as he seeks ways to make ongoing connections with the youth in our community. He’s brought in several great bands and had some great ministry opportunities. So praise God for this new ministry – We hope to offer English translation for Justin’s preaching fairly soon – just kidding, but he preached the first service in Spanish. Now that’s got to be an amazing feat.

* Women’s Bible Study (The Names of God) begins tomorrow at 10 am at the church as well. Mountain Movers Prayer @ 9am precedes the Bible Study.

* Typical of last summer, we had new guests in the church again this week. Several came with the regulars, but several simply came on their own. So we continue to pray that God will touch every heart as we trust and pray that The Holy Spirit will have liberty to touch lives in our services. Its always special to meet the guests and hear why they came, etc. Bobby and Jim came on their own, Heidi brought Rhonda and Greg and Elizabeth brought another new couple. 

* Mayra has a new helper, Francisco (or Frank as he’ll tell you). I am still in awe of the Mexican believers and their desire to always mentor and train new people to follow in obedience to Christ. We could learn from observing our brothers and sisters, as they follow the biblical model of empowerment and discipleship. Thanks for all you do, Mayra.

* We will continue in our series from the books of the Thessalonians this week. Reading chapter 2 will help you in seeing a number of pictures that Paul paints for us of the Thessalonian church. Remember that this church’s life was meant to be a model to all future believers, and today it is a model for SCCC. You can review the previous messages in this series at and click on “audio sermons”.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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