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June 9, 2015 
Good Morning SCCC Family,* After a lot of waves and wind, it is a wonderfully peaceful morning. Still lots of clouds in the sky, but it appears to be clearing. Good Morning to you all.* Problems, problems – yes we all face them at different times. This week, as we look at I Thessalonians 3, we’ll talk about what you do when the bottom falls out. But have you ever faced a positive problem? On the farm, a positive problem was having the wheat yield so well, that we didn’t have enough storage for it all. So we’d pile it outside, hoping the elements didn’t do too much damage to the pile before we could bring it to market.
Yes, I’m going somewhere with this – We have had simultaneous Spanish translation in place for one month now. On Sunday, all of our 9 units were being used and we ended up not having enough units. Wow, is it being appreciated! I got such a precious email from Martha this week expressing her gratitude and the way the Word had spoken to her heart on Sunday. She and Juanita have been using the equipment for several weeks now.
A positive problem in deed – at the end of the service, a lady came to me and presented me with a check sufficient to buy another five units!!! Don’t you love positive problems? Praise the Lord and more!

* And the kids last Sunday – I heard there was around 30 in total!!! Hallelujah. Another 75-80 adults rounded out the service. Mayra and the children are using the old sanctuary, they’ve got lots of comfortable room and space to learn, do crafts, etc. The new “edifice” is just becoming such a positive addition. Just ask the worship people, on both Fridays and Sundays what they think about the platform. We have been blessed.

* “Journey off the Map” (VBS – Vacation Bible School) with our amazing Mayra, is happening July 6-10.  Please connect with her if you’d like to help out in some way as she impacts children for Christ.

* New greeters at the door last Sunday as our latest newlyweds, Bill and Gloria manned the post for their first time. Now you know you’ve got great greeters when they beat the pastor (and the congregants) to the church! Amen? So fun to see their excited smiling faces.

* Cookie Sunday, one of our greatest opportunities for fellowship, is running short of cookies. Just wondering if some of you amazing cookie makers would be willing to test your skills in the days to come? We’d be so grateful for your help. The “Cookie Sundays” give us a great opportunity to connect with the guests and with each other.

* A little update on Brad and Bard Powell – Brad wrote again this week and shared that all the conditions had been removed on their home and its definitely sold. So we’ll see them around September as they become permanent SC residents. This is totally another answered prayer.

* Angelica (Howard & Susan’s co-worker) has surgery to remove a large tumor on Thursday. Please keep on praying that all will go well. Jorge & Angelica have been using the translation equipment since the first Sunday we had it in place. So grateful that Pat Nichol is putting together plans for providing meals for them while Angelica recuperates. If you’re in the area, and would like to help with some more needed meals, please call Pat @ 622 226-9301.

 * So neat to see a request from Jim and Selina posted on the Prayer Wall this week. While many of us are separated from each other during the summer, we can still all be involved in caring for one another through prayer. I continue to be in awe as people email me with updates on the prayers they’ve posted. If you haven’t had a chance to update the requests you’ve posted, please send those answers and updates my way and I’ll make sure they get posted. God is doing a good work.

* And finally, one last huge reason to rejoice! Justin has now had several local teens return for a second Youth Night. Last Friday, along with the regulars, four local teens not previously attending, “checked” out the event. Another amazing reason to rejoice. Keep on praying for Justin as he juggles ministry ideas, trying to determine the best ways to minister to this age group!

Have a great week and Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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