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June 2, 2015 

Good Morning SCCC Family,

* Good Morning to you all on another “beautiful” day in SC. Ok, I confess it’s a little warm. We had decided no air conditioning would be turned on in our home until June. Well May 30, we changed that plan and then on Sunday, we hit that magic 40 C. Its still stunningly beautiful out there, that is if you’re looking at it from within an air conditioned room! I don’t think it was because of the heat, but four more families on Sunday, announced they were heading out this week. Safe travels on your vacations. Come on home soon, though! It will cool off shortly, maybe, I think!

* Met with several more of our missionary families this week. The highlight of course was the ongoing ways God is using them, but we were also treated to some “genuine” home made chile rellenos with an amazing sauce that was to die for. What a treat to spend an evening with these folks, lots of Spanish speaking family at the table, listening to life stories while we kept Devon busy interpreting. We were able to deliver a huge hamper from an anonymous donor to the King’s Kids as well. What an incredible workload to respond to the needs of all those kids, yet the love that you feel when you give any one of them a hug, goes so deep. A night out with the Krahns the previous weekend just added to our encouragement. Trusting we’ll get to connect with the rest of the local missionaries shortly. I share that to remind us once again how blessed our church family is to have these amazing connections.

* Received a wonderful email from Connie and Todd Pruitt this week, which they’ve asked me to share with you. She writes: “It had been over two years since our son and daughter in law had severed all communication with our family. Because of our Amazing Savior, they are back in our lives!!! We have a wonderful 9 month old granddaughter that we get to see twice a week now. The time apart was very painful, but we truly enjoy every minute with them now. Thanks to everyone for their prayers. Praise the Lord for He is Great!!!!” Todd & Connie.  (We are so happy for you guys.)

* The very first prayer request on our SC “Prayer Wall” was written by Brad and Barb, who after serving with the different missions last winter, felt they would really like to relocate to SC. The issue was selling their home at the price they needed to make that shift. Their email this week, “We have now sold our house pending only a few conditions to be removed by June 12th.  Praise the Lord!  We are very excited to say the least.  Our move out date is July 21st but of course there are a lot of logistics to figure out and people to say good-bye to so we anticipate arriving in San Carlos in September some time. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for our sale!!  San Carlos here we come!” Brad & Barb Powell (Welcome Home, Guys!)

* Simultaneous Translation – Five of our guests got to hear the message in Spanish last Sunday. Thank you Ruben for your help. I could see your lips hard at work in the sound booth and the faster I spoke, the faster your lips moved. Thank you, thank you – the Spanish speaking folks were blessed. Juanita and Martha, two first time guests were so grateful to be able to hear the Word in their mother tongue. Jorge & Angelica, co-workers with Howard & Susan, have expressed so much gratitude for this service.

* On another note, you will notice on the “Prayer Wall”, that Howard shared how Angelica will be having a large tumor removed shortly. Please join with us as we pray for God to fully restore her health. Please take note of the many prayers which are now labeled as having been answered. Some of the other prayers are ongoing, but the authors of some of those prayers have also shared fruit they are seeing!

* God’s provision just becomes more and more obvious as we watch His Hand at work in our midst. In March, after Lynne and Becky felt it was time for them to make a change, we were challenged to fill the treasurer’s role. Once again, Bob Gibson and Richard Scapinello stepped up to the plate in an effort to fill that most essential role and we are so grateful for their service. Little did we know that the Lord also had the Cosgrove’s on notice. They had hoped to move to SC by the fall, but when Earl and Sonya got back to Colorado, instead of building the new home they had planned to build, they ended up visiting with the Cosgroves, fell in love with their home, purchased it and the Cosgroves in turn purchased a home in SC and had moved here by the beginning of May. Now, here’s the provision of God. Charlotte has been a chartered accountant for 20 plus years, still does accounting related work with another firm, understands accounting programs which are much more user friendly for the average lay person and is helping the guys set up a user friendly system. And so, we are blessed once again as we have also been blessed in the past. We are so grateful for all that Lynne and Becky have done to provide financial awareness, especially during the building project. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and diligence.

* We will continue in our series from the book of 1 Thessalonians, chapter 3 this week with a message entitled “Stretch Marks”. The sermon may not relate to the first thought that hits your mind when you read the title. Last week, Paul gave us 7 pictures, 7 metaphors related specifically to evangelism and discipleship. If you missed it, you can listen in at and click on “audio sermons”. 

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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