A Subtle Form of Idolatry

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God has specifically commanded us that we are to worship no other gods but Him.  He is to be our first love and our lives must honor Him in all we do.  This is fulfilling the first and greatest commandment, according to Jesus. 

Idolatry can creep in on us in very subtle ways.  For instance, we receive the forgiveness of God in our lives from all of our sin when by faith we embrace the Lord Jesus, who atoned for our sin on the Cross.  God says, “I forgive you and I will remember your sins no more.”  He doesn’t hold them against us and he doesn’t ever bring them up again.  They are forgiven completely. 

Here is the idolatry.  Why is it that we often times can’t seem to forgive ourselves and let go of the shame and guilt that we feel?  Here we are forgiven by God and yet we will not forgive ourselves.   Doesn’t that move us to idolatry?  We take God off of His throne and we, through the act of not forgiving ourselves, place ourselves on the throne that only He deserves. 

If God is a forgiving God and He is, then we must forgive and let go of those things we have been forgiven for.   We have no right to remove God’s grace by living wrongly in shame and guilt that has been removed by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  After all Jesus was named, “The Prince of Peace.”

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