Brokenhearted Boldness

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God raised Jesus Christ from the dead.  Everybody knew he was dead, from the governor to the executing soldiers to the women and men who buried him.  That is why the fabrication concocted to explain the empty tomb was not that he wasn’t really dead, but that the disciples stole the body.  But it didn’t work, because people don’t risk their lives for self-made falsehood.  The body was not in the tomb, otherwise the enemies would have put a stop to Christianity with Jesus’ remains. 

The disciples were blazing with boldness, risking their lives by preaching that Jesus was alive.  Stephen and the Apostle James lost their lives for the sake of preaching Jesus Christ the only way. 

“Father, give us a brokenhearted boldness in the mercy and the might of Jesus.  Father, we want our lives to count for something, for the display of your glory and greatness.  Work in us to this end with all of your power. ”  Amen

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