Congregational Vote for Assistant Pastor

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Good Morning to you all,

I wanted to give you an update regarding our time with Chuck and Lynn Sheridan, the couple who applied to fill the role of Assistant Pastor at SCCC.

After the Search Committee’s interview with them, we unanimously recommended them to the leadership of SCCC. They have a tremendous history of reaching people in many spheres for the cause of Christ. They connected well with all of the folks they were able to meet with while here, including those in our church and others who are not a part of our church. We believe his teaching and preaching abilities will be a healthy asset for our church. We have a very positive sense that the Lord has been bringing these details together for the continued growth and benefit of our church family.

The Leadership (both the elders and the deacons) also have the sense that the Lord has orchestrated everything to this point. In order to continue to affirm what God seems to be doing in our midst, along with fulfilling our constitutional requirements, we are inviting you to participate in a vote this coming Sunday, February 17th, after the morning service.  A 67% positive vote would be required to affirm the Sheridans for this position. Thank you for prayerfully participating in our church’s future direction.

Pastor Glenn (on behalf of the Leadership of SCCC)

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