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It is a good Day; AnchorSo my letter is a little late today. We were traveling and the plans went to a disaster. There were so many delays and more delays. We sit in an airport and the weather takes control of the flights. So, we sit and wait and live with the delays. Patience is a virtue. I should not have asked for patience as now I am practicing the art of patience. And living with no sleep! Airports are a great place to work and to pray and to just watch people. Such an amazing variety of people when you sit in an international airport.

The church has shrunk in population size, with many people going north. Others who do live in San Carlos year-round take opportunities for the beach and to run away for a few days (like we just did) before the weather gets really hot. At the moment, it is only 38c in San Carlos. Patiently I wait for the weather to change, for a flight announcement or/and for people to return from the north. It just illustrates how little control of life and situations we are in!

Starting in June, we will be exploring a series of messages from the four gospels on the life of Christ. This being the first Sunday of the month, we will celebrate the Lord’s Table. How fitting that is as we begin this message series. It is my hope we will explore more about the son of God who saves us and empowers us.

Last time I will mention this. You must check out the new kitchen. If you are not in town, email me and I will send you some photos. It is so much bigger, more room and brighter.

There are a few summer volunteer positions available. If you would like to learn more about sound and the system we use, we are looking for summer help. We call that position the Audio Controller Technician. Or maybe you find the church too crowded, and you want a space of your own, then sitting on a stool and pressing computer buttons for the presentation may be what you would like. It is really easy. We call that position the Visual Presentation Officer. Or perhaps you find it difficult to sit still. We need a person to sit by the sanctuary doors and close them when people come in. Somehow people just don’t do that, then all that precious cool air slips out of the sanctuary. You could call yourself an Environmental control technician. Let me or Ryan know what your preference is.

Sunday, Ken van Kirk did an excellent job of telling us about an ancient Hebrew custom from the book of Deuteronomy. In that time, a slave was to be set free after seven years of service. But some slaves had masters that were very fair and staying with a master was at times preferred to trying to restart a life. So, the master would take the slave to a door frame and bore his ear through with a wood awn. I suspect it was a good-sized hole with no freezing. That ear-piercing signified to everyone that the slave had given up their freedom for life to belong to the master. That is a serious commitment.

Ken illustrated out of his life with his devotion to serve Christ and considered himself to no longer be his own, but to be a possession of Christ. The challenge to us then is who is in charge of your life? Whose life, is it? Would you say yes to such a commitment?

Sadly, I think most of us have limited access to Jesus for our lives. We do a lot of what we please and ask for his blessing upon our choice. It is a question of total surrender. We have trouble with the word, “slave.” What about the word servant/ Can we take that word and not stumble on it? But think about it. A servant does as they are told or suffer a fate for being disobedient. Similarly, a slave gets no pay, and a servant hopes to be paid. Anything like that in your life/ Do we serve to be paid or are we satisfied just to be with the master? Just questions to think about.

Ken gave us an excellent message on these matters. If you haven’t heard it, you can on Facebook or YouTube.
Blessings, Chuck. Next Sunday, we begin a series on the Life of Christ.

This is only a small, short summary of what was spoken this past Sunday, and without writing the whole of the Sunday script for you here, you can hear the full service on our FB page under the icon “Videos.” Also, our worship services are now available “live” on YouTube. Please subscribe and “Like” our channel, as it pushes the visibility of our channel up.

1st Sunday of each month, Celebration of the Lord’s Table.
4th Sunday of each month, Cookie Sunday
3rd each month, Monday Night at the Movies at 6 pm.
Every Wednesday @ 9 a.m. – Ladies Mountain Mover’s Prayer.
Thursday @ 8:30 a.m. – Men’s Bible study. The first time is free! Come on gentlemen.
Every Friday @ 5 p.m. – Youth Ministry
Every Sunday @ 9 a.m. – Children’s Church with Pastor Mayra; Bilingual.

For the rest of the story, you can follow us on the website and hear the audio or watch the entire service or part of it on our facebook page.
Also, our worship services are now available “live” on YouTube. Please subscribe and “Like” our channel, as it pushes the visibility of our channel up. Here is the link.
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