Don’t Choose to Stand Apart!

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I just read the Old Testament Book of Obadiah.  It’s only one chapter long, but it has a powerful message about not standing on the sidelines when God is calling you to action.

Edom is the neighbor to Israel and both descended from Abraham.  Israel came through Isaac and Edom through Esau.  Israel is being attacked and her half-brother, Edom, just sits there and watches and does nothing.  God judges Edom guility for choosing to stand apart.  “For there shall be no survivor for the house of Esau, for the LORD has spoken.”  Obadiah 1:18

I read that this morning and went, “Wow.”  Choosing to stand on the side-lines and not get personally involved is costly.  Choosing not to witness to someone, even though God’s Spirit is nudging you – costly.  Choosing not to enter into some conflict as a peace-maker, choosing not to humble yourself and admit you are wrong to your spouse or child or friend – costly.

I am more fully aware than ever that God is always watching and observing my actions.  Are you?

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