From the Pastor’s Desk #2

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January 14, 2014 
Hello SCCC Family,

What a great week! At home, we all seem to have gotten our health back. Thank the Lord. Our kids are back at life in their respective locations. Yes, our daughter did finally get back to Australia on Monday evening (only 3 days of travel.) I was watching a hilarious you tube video this morning about a frustrated traveler on United Airlines. Apparently his video went viral and now he is becoming a “wanted” speaker on the subject of using media to accomplish your goal. If you’re interested, just type in “United breaks guitars” on the internet. It is really quite funny. Once again, I trust you enjoy this Pastor’s update and I do welcome your feedback at
A Wedding – Yes my first wedding in Mexico is coming up on February 8th. New culture and new traditions, what fun! What an honor to serve these folks in this way.

A Memorial – Last week, I facilitated a Memorial for Mary Betty Frisk Baker at the Yacht Club. I’m just reminded again about the value of memories as people shared their stories. Pray for Connie Salazar as she mourns the loss of her sister. Reminder – Strive to create memories!

Prayer – Remember to pray for Donna Molden and George Anderson and their families as they each   walk this challenging journey with cancer. George is in Phoenix this week for more tests.

On the church front:
1. the Potluck: Mayra Gonzalez (our new Children’s Director) will be with us to share a little of her journey & her work with our children – Thursday at 5:30.  Love to see you there.

2. Remember Mark Mulligan “Benefit Concert” in our church on Tuesday, January 28 @ 6 PM. Admission is by donation. Why not bring along an unchurched friend to enjoy the warmth of our church family and the inspiring music Mark will be presenting.

3. “The Edifice What a great day celebrating our building dedication last Sunday with the theme of “Past (Jerry & Flo) Present (Ronnie and Team) and Future (Kyler, Hannah and upcoming wee one). The contractor’s team is already hard at work. I so enjoy watching the progress. Thanks to all of you for  your support and your presence at Sunday’s dedication. Thanks to those who participated.

4. All you wonderful, gifted, God inspired “cookie Makers” – Next Sunday is fellowship Sunday where we once again will be sinking our teeth into those marvelous creations you have created. If you’re feeling inspired, we could use a little help replenishing the stock. 

5.  ­Messages: I found myself so encouraged as I prepared this last week for Sunday’s message on prayer. Prayer still remains the foundation for a healthy experience as we move ahead with our expanded Ministry Center. All the prep and all the planning are  critical in achieving  a functional building, but all the functional buildings in the world are a colossal waste of time  and energy if our hearts aren’t right with God going through this process. I’m praying that each of us will take the call seriously to bathe this project in prayer.                                           

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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