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January 21, 2014
Good Morning SCCC Family,                                                                                          
Some people actually get to live here! What a wonderful week! Someone told me the other day, its usually not this nice here in the winter time. But I’m thinking I’ll worry about that when it happens. It has been absolutely gorgeous. People we are all so blessed to be able to be here! We love it.

Last weekend, I shared with you about Ellen Flores story, how we’d seen her at Club Deportivo on Wed, with a broken arm, possibly requiring pins to repair, and how she’d asked us to pray for her right there at the club (oh what a treat to do that). Then at the Potluck, seeing her with that wonderful grin, and having her tell us, that she needed no pins, no cast and that the arm would be wrapped and she’d only have to wear a sling. Well the story doesn’t end there!

On Sunday, we ran into Ellen at the “Cow Plop Bingo” (and being a farmer at heart, I simply had to go to this event. Got to hang out with a few of you SCCC’ers and to meet a few new people again). But Ellen’s got this fancy, very comfortable and supportive sling on her arm. Oh she says, someone called me and told me how uncomfortable that sling I had on would be and told me they had one that would work much better. Here it is and “this is how God is answering our prayers!”

Got an email from George & Barbara Anderson this week. They were in Phoenix so that George could have some tests related to the cancer he has been battling. This is what Barbara writes: “George had all good news on his test this past week, no cancer found. In May there will be further tests, but we feel real good about it.”  Thank you, Lord! Every time I’m with George, he comments on how the people of SCCC have been praying for him. Thanks for your encouragement, George!

Got an email from Hildegard this week as we had prayed for her “wrenched” knee last Sunday. She wrote, “First let me thank you for praying for the healing of my knee . . . Praise God, my knee is better. I can walk with greater ease now. God is so merciful in answering our prayers.”

Isn’t it ironic as we talked from Nehemiah 1, just a few Sundays ago, about prayer! I rejoice . .  .

So, please remember to pray for Donna and Bill Molden as they go back to the U.S. It would be such a treat if her cancer would be healed! Remember to pray for Jean Baker as well!

Some of you may already have heard that Pat Holloway pased away on Sunday! Please pray for comfort for her family and those left behind!

* the Potluck: Mayra Gonzalez did great. Its always a little scary going into a new place and giving of yourself to those who don’t know you. Thanks Mayra for leading us in worship and sharing about your heart for our church family’s children. If you have friends with children ages 5-11, be sure to share with them that SCCC now offers a Bilingual Children’s Church every Saturday and Sunday!

* Mark Mulligan “Benefit Concert” in our church next Tuesday, January 28 @ 6 PM. Admission is by donation. Why not bring along an unchurched friend to enjoy the warmth of our church family and the inspiring music Mark will be presenting.

* Small Groups – Its time to sign up, so many options and one that’s sure to be a place of great ministry, prayer and encouragement for you and your family!

* Medical Mission – still some opportunities to serve here, particularly with the Intercessors, who will be meeting at the church and for Interpreters (or interrupters) as I affectingly call them.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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