From the Pastor’s Desk #4

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January 28, 2014 

Hello SCCC Family,        

* Tonight is the night – Mark Mulligan is with us tonight at 6:00 pm. All week long, I’ve heard such positive things about his previous concert at our church. It will be a great night and I’m praying a great time for some pre-churched people to join us! Hope to see you there!

 * Way to care SCCC! Last weekend, you folks blessed Rob and Wendy with approx $1500 USD. They are so appreciative as you can see in their response, “We are so very thankful for the Lord’s protection and we are so thankful for the love that you all have shown, thanks for your prayers.  We are at peace with everything. We are praying for the thieves that somehow they will be saved through this.  We feel your support and are blessed and humbled.  Thank you so much.” Hats off to you for helping carry their burden.

Bill and Donna Molden are going back to Alabama this week to be near to her family. In the natural realm, everything has been done for Donna which can be done. We do however, serve a supernatural God. Would you continue to pray with me firstly for a miracle for Donna and Bill and secondly, that God would provide them with everything they need to walk this journey.

* What a treat to have George and Barbara back with us this week! We praise God with you for the good report you have received. George is just so grateful for our church family’s prayers! I encourage you to continue praying for them, but also take the time to celebrate with them.

* Something New:  Talk Back Question of the Week – As you think about, dream about, contemplate the future of our church and church family: From your perspective, what should the ministry of SCCC look like in 5 years? What would inspire you to give your best for God at SCCC? There are no wrong answers! Would you dream with me a little? I’d love to hear your response at 

* Brian & Nina and Rob & Wendy were in Basiroa several weeks ago where they helped JESÚS AND MARIBEL (the pastor who had his eye pecked out by a rooster- quite a story) complete a very needed home. The amazing part of the story –  Jeannine and I were talking to them just prior to them leaving to help these folks – there were no funds available and they were really leaving in faith. Just before they left, Nina received the email that funds had just been sent – enough to complete the home! I love these stories of God’s provision. He is so worthy of all the Glory! The Craigs newsletter is fascinating and tells the whole story, (with pictures). Ask them for a copy!

* Last Sunday’s message was really a focus from Nehemiah about the dynamics that happen when we try to work together as a church family. For myself, what has become increasingly clear is the healthy completion of our building project, the healthy continuance of a meaningful ministry to you that attend and to those who will be coming (pre-Christians) is entirely contingent on you and I remembering that everything we do is for the Glory of God alone! What a great reminder from Nehemiah to keep the main thing, the main thing! I look forward to seeing God show us continued stories of how He’s going to guide us along this journey with Him.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine


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