From the Pastors Desk #5

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February 4, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* A “two minute” sermon, well no, but yes – Mark’s last song on Tuesday night “Jesus loves you (The rest of us think you’re a jerk.)” was a great ending which once again reminded us that this amazing community of San Carlos is our audience as we are living out our faith. The whole night was full of inspirational songs, fun songs, Elsa’s solo, meeting Lilia and hearing the story about her desire to change her life and to top it all off – raising 18,500 pesos for missions. Looking forward to future opportunities with Mark! Thanks Buddy, you blessed us!

* Still with the concert – I was introduced to a number of guests at the concert who you invited and brought along. Way to go church! You added value to these people’s lives by introducing them to our church home and to our church family. Who knows where that could go. 

* You get what you preach for” are the words that so often came from Rev. David Jones lips. (my preaching prof) “so preach for souls and you’ll see the Holy Spirit draw them.” Well last week, I got what I preached for as I made this subtle comment about cookies! Thanks Judy! They were great. So let’s also keep inviting people to SCCC so that God can change their lives as well. That’s what we’re here for, Amen!!!

* Bill and Donna Molden got back safely to Alabama last weekend. Trust you’re still praying for these folks. Keep praying for a miracle as they walk this journey together.

* Talk Back Question of the Week – Ok, last week’s question didn’t work. I didn’t get any response. But I’m not ready to give up because I want to hear from you. We have a great church but we can always enhance things, so talk to me “cause I’m a listenin’”

1. One thing I love about San Carlos Community church is: ______________.
2. One thing I would like to see changed up at San Carlos Community Church is: ______________.

Your response is welcome at

* Great News – and it shall be to all the people of SCCC –Instead of being asked to serve until Jesus returns, Deacons from here on in are going to be serving “three year” terms. We are presently in the process of inviting 6 people to consider allowing their names to stand for election to fill three roles. Elections will take place at the Annual Meeting.  Over the next three years, our whole team will have the opportunity of being chosen and endorsed by you, our church family! Our deacons are an awesome team, whom I greatly appreciate, but adding the component of being elected by our church family also reveals your trust for and your spiritual respect of who they are. In that light, it is a great honor to be a deacon. Please pray for them as they serve us!

* Prayer request from Maureen (& Bob) Davies for her brother in law Ric Einfeldt, who was just recently diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. Please be praying for healing for them and Ric in particular.

* What a treat to meet so many of the Medical Team this last weekend. They are so organized and so effective in their areas of service. The spiritual component they have added this year has been amazing. Just ask any of our volunteers who prayed for a particular lady in Guaymas. And many others are hearing the message of salvation along with receiving the gift of medical care. Hats off to you from Rocky Mountain Ministries. Hats off to you from SCCC who are serving and helping with everything from prayer, to translation, to set up, cooking, and more. You are appreciated. And finally hats off to you Brenda and Art, for making this all happen. I am so delighted to observe this ministry in action.

* Discouragement is a HUGE issue and I pray that the examples from Nehemiah 4 encouraged you as you thought about applying the model we learn from Nehemiah’s experience. The beauty of looking at Nehemiah is that we can see what has worked for believers in the past, even in very challenging situations. I pray you have deposited some of these truths in your hard drive and will be able to readily retrieve them when they may be needed.

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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